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About Davie Zwei

Healslut has a large cast of interesting characters and 'romance' options!

Hellooo! I'm Davie Zwei. This Patreon is for support in developing the visual novel game "Healslut" where you are immersed in a virtual fantasy world as a very particular class of healer. How will you deal with being a hottie restricted to the most trivial armor while stuck in a role expected to tend the needs of the others in your group? (This is not a kinetic VN, your choices will have serious consequences for both the story and characters.)

Please feel free to join the Discord channel:

Need a walkthrough? (You need a walkthrough.)
Wiki: https://dizzy.works/healslut/wiki/
Doc: Google Document

What does this game offer?
  • A comedic (yet often serious) adventure through an interesting world
  • A complex and coherent story in which you play the primary role
  • A great many characters to befriend and/or romance
  • Three difference choices of body types with three different variations of each
  • All kinks and intimate encounters are 100% optional
  • Well-written English text with careful attention to dialog realism
  • Applicable music loops and sound effects for all scenes
  • Transformation, romance, trysts, harem, domination/submission, corruption, exhibitionism, and more!
  • Three font options (including OpenDyslexic) and the narrative choice of first person ("I" do this), second person ("You" do this), or third person ("Sparkle" does this)

You can read more information about "Healslut" here:
By request, I now have a SubscribeStar page here:


My other erotic adult games include:

Fanucci's Amazing Pizza!
Experience a lighthearted (and sexy!) romp in world where everyone has high ethics and empathy! You can sit back and enjoy the story (and smut) without being on your guard. You are Alex, a recent high school graduate delivering pizza for the summer – but of course, strange things happen! Just how will you deal with an automated delivery machine that transforms you into what the customer desires, including a complete hot young sexpot?

No Money Down Blues
You are Matt Mason: a nearly thirty year old supermarket clerk. You're overweight, directionless, and still a virgin.... and your life seems to be going downhill from there.
But now a strangely fortuitous meeting with an old high-school acquaintance seems to be guiding your life down an entirely different path...

You can visit my website to play these games online: https://dizzy.works
$2,009.12 of $2,200 per month
Full-time development! 8 hours a day, I'll work on getting you the bestest of sexy content. I'll write and code and render so hard that the most rigid of wieners will seem like a pool noodle.
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