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is creating experimental products, situations, and Internet jokes

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About Danielle Baskin

With projects like Goodbye Domains: the dead URL graveyard, Last Chance Tours: immersive VR scanning services for buildings on the brink of demolition, whimsical internet products (like drone sweaters and custom avocados), pranks, situational immersive theater like camping at Dreamforce, productivity apps like Your Boss, surrealist business ideas like Giant Cover Letter, and more—your patronage will help more projects like these be sustained and will help new ideas materialize. My side projects and stunts list is really long.

With some funding, I can have the support to keep creating and experimenting with ideas that can't be capitalized at the moment, but should still exist.

Your monthly support will help me with costs for materials and supplies, rent for my studio, domain names, internet, and more. Beyond having my gratitude, I'll keep you in the loop about projects before they launch and will give you discounts on any products that I might bring to the market, like dating services for drones, physical clouds or bitcoin pocketknives.

Years ago, before I my ventures in late-stage capitalism became full-time, I used to do more things like: drawing for no practical reason. If I knew I had a monthly source of funding for random creative pursuits, I might work on more functionless creations to learn about how certain processes work — whether its synthetic oil painting, CNC routing, or implementing a Javascript thing on one of my sites.

I appreciate your support, no matter the size — it all adds up to make an impact. I'm excited to feed you more content this year!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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