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About Dooley

Use anything as a map with this digital tabletop tool.

The DMGE is a browser based map tool for using map resources with your tabletop LCD flatscreen or projector in local play sessions.

It supports pdf, png, jpg, gif, mp4, mkv, youtube videos and lets you mix everything (except the pdfs) together as part of one map!

The DMGE is online and available here

The DMGE is also a library of artists and their various creations with an easy search field for finding the sorts of maps you need instantly, without having to trawl through several separate YouTube channels and Patreon accounts.

You will still need to be a patron of those who require patronage, in order to access their files.

Why support me?

Two very specific reasons:

Support ongoing development of a platform devoted to using, customizing and playing battle maps without arbitrary limitations.

Get access to a growing variety of maps available for use with any offline digital tabletop tool.

Features include:

Synchronized Player View!

Both views animate and the Players see what the DM wants them to see with a Fog of War you erase and paint on the fly.

The DM screen FOW opacity differs from the players view and can be changed on the fly as well.
Protip: Feather your brush for low light conditions when drawing line of sight.

Hold shift to repaint.  Use sliders to adjust your brush size and feathering.

Layer Blending and Opacity

Blend layers using standard Photoshop blend modes to combine videos for effects and atmosphere.

This is a browser based system that works in any operating system with a modern browser.

It's like Roll20, but for local digital play on a television tabletop or projected surface.
Remote is a future plan and with your support, we'll get there.

Cloud storage of resources, which is expanding.  This is my favourite feature right now.
Store up to 10gb of resources online for free using a third party storage service and your own account.  They provide 20gb of bandwidth each month.

Part of the intended roadmap here will involve allowing search of EVERYBODY's cloud storage, provided they allow it.

Note:  You need to register for an account with Cloudinary and put your credentials into your DMGE account for your own storage to occur.

I may ALSO integrate Google Drive so folks have an option, but we shall see. For now, these guys do what I need and provide it well and fast.

I do not have any endorsements with these guys.  They had a really great API and automatically do GIF conversions.  Winning.

The system will load multiple YouTube videos alongside MKV's and MP4's, Gifs, PNG and JPG files!

See Dynamic Dungeons modular dungeon tiles loaded and arranged in the shots below.
Note: You can select more then one file at a time.

Squash and stretch your resources as you see fit!

Rotate them as needed!  Turn on grid snapping if you like; angle snapping is automatic.

Use the auto calculator for 1 inch squares or hexes based on your screen size.

Does this tool work online?

It is meant for offline play but with a browser.
It features online storage, file conversion and account management.

How often do you update the tool and can we make suggestions?

It is a work of passion and I try to get as much time into it as possible.  I love suggestions and would love to hear any you have; email me at [email protected] or file an issue as a feature request in the issue tracker.

Does it work with a mobile device?

Not really.  I haven't integrated too many mobile device libraries as yet.  Your mileage may vary.

Where do I submit bugs, issues and suggestions?

Our Issue Tracker is Here
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I will publish a thank you video and start releasing maps made from games I own.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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