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About Doctor Popular

New yo-yos given away each month.

For over 20 years, I've been sharing my love of yo-yos with others: be it showing others how to yo-yo through my educational videos, creating some classic tricks that have become fundamentals of yo-yoing, performing on the street, or designing and selling the yo-yo's the community dreams about (more of a labor of love than a money maker).

I love what I do, and it's great to see the joy it brings to all sorts of people, around the world! I'd like to increase my efforts, and by you helping me become the world's first crowd-sponsored yo-yo player, I can do that! With your help, I'll continue making yo-yo tutorials and maybe even start back up PopCast, my monthly yo-yo video show!

I own a small yo-yo business, but it's not enough to cover the costs and investments of travel and video production. With your help, I'd like to start making yo-yo tutorials again and maybe start back up Popcast, my monthly yo-yo video show. In a way, all of my customers help sponsor my career as a yo-yoer, but I thought we could make this connection even tighter through Patreon.

I've worked as a pro for most of the top companies (Yomega, Duncan, YoYoFactory, and YoYoJam) and travelled around the country as performer, but I've never really been a sponsored player. There was a short stint on Team Duncan, but that was more of an informal membership with no travel or other expenditures. Honestly though, I never wanted to be sponsored by any of those big companies. I love jumping around from style to style and yo-yo to yo-yo, and most companies just aren't that easy going.

In the 20 years since I've started yo-yoing I've:
  • created a few influential tricks (Branding, Gryoscopic Flop, Skin The Gerbil, & more)
  • won some awards (National Trick Innovator of Year & 3rd Place World Yo-Yo Champion)
  • created new styles (Möbius, Washing Machine, & Astro)
  • been featured on NBC and MTV, as well as many popular Youtube channels
  • influenced yo-yo design (Schmoove Grooves & Beefcake Bearings)
  • made dozens of trick videos (Glasslab #4 & Weave) and one of the earliest yo-yo vlogs
Experiment 004 from on Vimeo.
As one of my sponsors, you can get:
  • 10% off any yo-yos or related merchandise from my shop
  • offers for exclusive yo-yos
  • early access to prototypes and new projects
  • shout outs on my video blogs
As a sponsored player, I will:
  • travel to more yo-yo contests
  • increase the production and frequency of my trick tutorials
  • bring back PopCast
  • provide behind the scenes access to my newest yo-yo designs and ideas

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Two or more tutorials a month PLUS the return of PopCast, my ongoing yo-yo vlog, which will feature yo-yo reviews, news, some trick tutorials, interviews, and more.
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