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About Paul Russel

Greetings, earthlings. My name is Doctor Abominable, but on Earth I am called Paul Russel.

I'm a 25+ year veteran video game artist (Halo), illustrator (Screeching Weasel), and graphic designer (Ravinia Festival). After burning out in the game industry (occupational hazard), I started doing birthday illustrations for friends. After doing over 700 of them, and after a tumultuous 2019, I've decided in 2020 to do something different and try my hand at fan art and commissions. Stay tuned. There will be videos and actual perks to come. 

I have a lot of years and rubber on the road as an artist. I started as a crappy cartoonist and illustrator doing work for the Columbia Chronicle as a student at Columbia College Chicago, occasionally doing album covers and flyers for local punk bands. One of them the kind of famous Screeching Weasel.

After school, and many, many retail jobs, in the early '90s, I stumbled upon a temp agency specializing in Graphic Design work. While there, I did a lot of type corrections, catalog work, photo retouching, and graphic design for an ungodly amount of clients, eventually landing a summer job as an assistant graphic designer at Chicago's Ravinia Festival.

After working a couple more years doing promotional material for a Chicago area nightclub owner, I stumbled (again) into doing graphic design, character design, environment work, motion graphics, storyboards, animatics, 3d modelling, and animation at High Voltage Software, a Chicago area video game developer. 

A friend told me of a position opening up at Bungie Software Products Corporation, and I ended up there for 12 years, initially building alien characters and vehicles, then environments for what would eventually become Halo. I suggested that name, everyone hated it, but here we are. I eventually spent 12 years there, working on all the Halo games through Reach, and then another five months at Certain Affinity, capping off with some concept work for Halo 4 before I had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN.

I sat on my ass for a couple years, with a neat case of PTSD that would send me into a crash every time I tried to do the kind of work I'd been doing for roughly 16 years. 

One day, while on Facebook, I got the usual notification of a friend's birthday, and instead of typing the obligatory, "Happy Birthday, Dude!" I drew their picture, then the next person, and so on. A few years on, and I've drawn over 700 of them, with the only intent of doing something nice for friends. Then, in 2019 I had a pretty tumultuous year and had to take almost the whole year to address my health and well being, which meant an abrupt end to the birthday drawings. 2020 will be a very different year with horror themed fan art, patreon exclusives, and progress videos. ALSO PAINT. Yeah. That's gonna happen.

With Uncle Sam's meager monthly paycheck, I find it hard to afford things like car repairs, medical expenses, and travel.

Which is where Patreon comes in. I want to continue doing these drawings, and maybe poke around the idea of doing a book for them, but I don't want to bilk you of all your hard earned money to pay me to do work that's essentially for other people... I only want to bilk you of a little bit of your hard earned money. I'm thinking at a certain dollar amount, you get a birthday drawing of your own, as a high resolution digital file, because half my process is digital.

I'm not looking to be Fatty McBigBuxx, here. This is just to cover life expenses beyond my basic income for now. Testing the waters a bit to see if there's something more sustainable and ambitious I can do in the future (i.e. a book of these).

If you're into the idea, I'd love to have your support. You in?
$379.78 of $500 per month
All of the $200 goal, plus a little scratch for travel, some investigation into the costs/feasibility of doing a book, and some exploration of sample pages. Depending on the amount of patrons and interest in a book. This and future goals will adapt with that in mind. Right now, this space intentionally left blank. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts

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