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In addition to the $1 tier, you may participate in my weekly playtesting session as well as by arrangement (Amerikkka, Vigil, Dreams of Fire). When and if I provide unique rewards, they will be placed at this tier.
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About Ron Edwards

It's time to make sense about table-top role-playing.
  • Let's celebrate the fun and the excitement of a new art form.
  • Let's describe and discuss what we do.
  • Let's apply what we know for whatever each person would like

This is ...

It's a site for posting about playing the games. Any role-playing games, recorded video or audio, or text - all up for discussion.
  • Nothing is behind a paywall, and posting and commenting are free.
  • Posting just to say "this was fun" is welcome

It also brings my consulting work into the light, when clients agree to post our sessions at the site. I'm putting my own work into the mix as well, with Amerikkka, Dreams of Fire, and Vigil, well-known to patrons here.

Please check out the Discord server as well, open to everybody + a couple of patron-only features.

Speaking of Patrons!
You are precious to me. You're already in at the ground floor, via playing with me and discussing heinous things like we're doing right now. At the Discord server, you'll see a chat and voice channels especially for you as well.
$429.73 of $500 per month
I will create a fully functional beta pre-publication for Dreams of Fire, a companion game to Circle of Hands.
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