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I am the YouTuber Dom2K (Also just Dom on my second channel), and I've been creating videos for five years now. I never really bothered much with Patreon because I've been blessed enough to work with multiple sponsors over the years, and that's always been good enough to supplement my regular ad revenue. However, not to long ago, my network contacted one of the creators letting them know they no longer want us running sponsors on videos that we use their footage in. That means on top of the cut they take of the revenue (its inexplicably large), eventually we won't be able to even create the same content because they don't want it being sponsored. For a lot of us, those sponsors were the only thing allowing us to create content full time.
So I've decided to come forward with my story of working with (that's an overstatement) this network over the past couple of years, and that very well may mean the end of my main channel. Luckily, I've been preparing for this day for a long time working on my backup channel, which was always eventually going to become my main channel. It may be a little while before it financially supports me, so any help from you all will be appreciated. If anything though, the best way to support me is subbing to the second channel and supporting me there. Thank you all for your support.
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To be honest, absolutely anything helps. I don't really have an amount in mind, this is more like a rainy day fund for what may be ahead.
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