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About DOPE Magazine

“Across Britain, from Brighton to Edinburgh, DOPE is distributed for homeless people to sell on the streets. People ranging from rough sleepers to asylum seekers can collect the newspaper for free, sell it for the cover price of £3 and keep the proceeds.”
- New Statesman

DOPE Magazine is a quarterly newspaper published by Dog Section Press.

We distribute free bundles of DOPE to anyone who could use a little solidarity, to sell on the street. Working with a network of radical bookshops, social centres, homeless organisations and independent volunteers (see below), we currently distribute 25,000 copies each issue. This is worth around £75,000 to our street-vendors.

DOPE is also free to prisoners, who can request copies via Haven Distribution.

We want to increase our circulation and further expand our distribution network around the country, but we need support to continue offering solidarity in this way.

Becoming a patron will help us give away more DOPE and all of your support will go directly towards that goal. Thanks to the economies of scale associated with printing, the more support we get, the cheaper DOPE will become to produce - and the more solidarity we can spread. 

DOPE UK distro points:

Cowley Club (Brighton)
People's Republic of Stokes Croft (Bristol)
Food Not Bombs (Dundee)
Tollcross Community Action Centre (Edinburgh)
Rubicund Space (Falmouth)
Food Not Bombs (Glasgow)
Red Contemporary Gallery (Hull)
Leeds Solidarity Federation (Leeds)
Food Not Bombs (London
Freedom Books (London)
Pie n Mash Mutual Aid (London)
Refugee Community Kitchen (London)
Manchester Solidarity Federation (Manchester)
Empathy Action Time (Norwich)
Food Not Bombs (Plymouth)
October Books (Southampton)

DOPE is also distributed independently in:


Get in touch if you can help us distribute DOPE in your area: [email protected]

"Thanks everyone for your support and making me the happy & proud vendor that I am today! Also remember to buy a copy off me personally at Finsbury Park Tube Station and Highbury Barn if you’re in the area!"
– Tony (DOPE vendor in Finsbury Park, London)

"Dog Section Press is an anti-profit publisher, and a worker-owner co-operative, but DOPE stands uniquely and explicitly as a money-making scheme. The difference is, it takes cash from those who can spare it, adds surplus value and generates more cash for those who need it – essentially socialising its profits."
– Norwich Radical

"Just thought I would feed back from the vendors. They are full of praise for the mag, and say they are selling well. Jeff who has been selling the Issue for years said to me yesterday that it sells better than the Issue... "
– People's Republic of Stokes Croft (Bristol)

“SUPPORT THESE LOT ... one of the best and most active crews out there. Great politics and great content."
– Carl Cattermole (author HMP Prison Survival Guide)

"Get involved! More than ever we need grass-roots activism, education and writing. Dog Section is the cutting edge!"
– Andrew O'Neil (comedian)

"I did want to share with you a story from one of our houseless friends, he's been on the streets a while and always feels really uncomfortable asking strangers for money. He's often content just reading a book and infrequently getting the odd bit of change off of passers-by, but he frequently feels like he's out of place and getting in people's way. There are times when he really needs money but is so shy and embarrassed that he'd be more compelled to do something naughty than bother people. Since regularly selling DOPE Magazine he's felt like it's given him a bit of purpose and a reason to be on the street selling; he feels less out of place and less of a nuisance. It's also emboldened him to speak to people - not every time someone passes by - but more frequently than he has previously.

So thank you from him and from us for helping our street friends cope and survive."

– Food Not Bombs (Dundee)

$1,782.22 of $2,000 per month
This would pay for 100,000 solidarity copies of DOPE a year, with a resale value of £300,000
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