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About Draftsim

Hi, I'm Dan and I LOVE to draft. That's why I am so passionate about running the best MTG Draft simulator on the web, Draftsim and the best MTG Arena tracker, Arena Tutor.

Since 2015, Draftsim has been bringing you the best draft practice tool with great AI, pick suggestions, autobuild, and a mind-boggling speed of new set updates. Hundreds of thousands of you have used Draftsim to learn to draft, improve your skills, or to familiarize yourself with the new cards in time for the prerelease.

After helping you for such a long time - now Draftsim needs your help.

Draftsim always has been and always will be free. But there's a lot going on behind the scenes. I spend hours and hours each set poring over the spoiler and rating all the cards myself so you can start drafting ASAP after the set is revealed!  For example, Iconic Masters was up and running on Draftsim within just hours of being spoiled. There's so much more I want to do with the site, but I just don't have the time or the funding right now to accomplish everything.

This is where you come in - I'm so excited about what we can do together: Currently the site design is quite barebones and simple looking. My goal is to vastly improve the deckbuilding tool and create a super-advanced AI. Imagine being able to drag your cards in and out of your deck, resize the screen on the fly or have the system rate "how good" your draft was. And what about having bots that draft based on mana curve and synergy too? (Yes please!)

The money you give through Patreon will go toward:
  • Paying for help with site design and development
  • Improving server/hosting infrastructure that runs the site
  • Freeing up my time to add even more sets and content to the site!
    • Masters sets, "UN" sets, and special releases are all great examples of this

For way less than the price of just one draft per month, you can give back and help shape the future of Draftsim. Just think about all the extra packs you're already winning because of your practice :)

Thank you so much for your support and for being part of such an awesome community! Your kind words and help have always deeply inspired me and I'm looking forward to making Draftsim even better. Any help at all is appreciated.
30% complete
Let's celebrate the first milestone by adding any new set of the community's choice to Draftsim! That's right, you'll have a chance to draft one of your favorites from days past, whether that is Innistrad, Time Spiral, or even Coldsnap(?!)
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