Renee Calvert

is creating the webcomic The Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean

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About Renee Calvert

What's It About?
The Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean is a story about disappointment, growing up, and facing adulthood as a millennial fresh out of college. It’s also a story about fantasy RPG video games.

Thomas McLean grew up being told a simple formula: do good in school, go to college, get good job, meet good girl, succeed at life. Steps 1 and 2 were no problem – but good jobs are scarce, the girl moved on, and succeeding at life doesn’t seem possible while stuck feeding grumpy tourists at Fisherman’s Wharf in order to meet a skyrocketing rent. Disillusioned and afraid that he’s wasting his 20s going nowhere, Thomas spends his nights wishing he could just escape.

But when his wish is granted and he’s flung into a world that is remarkably similar to the video games he plays, he begins to question his own priorities. And so, with the help of the people he meets there, it’s up to Thomas to face monsters, magic, mayhem and the specter of his own doubt to save the world.

Who Makes This?
My name is Renee Calvert and I'm an animator/illustrator currently operating out of Vancouver, BC. After 3 years in the animation industry (and 7 more doing illustrations and graphics for a small consulting firm), I've worked on projects such as Disney's Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates, DC Super Hero Girls and Dreamworks' Dawn of the Croods.

Why Should I Donate?
I work full time for an animation studio and supplement my income with freelance gigs, and thus my time to work on the comic is limited. At the base rate, the comic updates once a week, sometime around Monday evening. But with your support, I will have the time to update more frequently. Additionally, your support will enable me to create fully-animated 2D "cut scenes" at key moments in the story, and maybe even hire professional voice actors and composers to do the audio (I've got a great guy lined up for Thomas already). You'll also get some nice Patreon-exclusive perks like wallpapers, posters and even a chance to appear in the comic yourself!

Every little bit helps! The Epic Odyssey is a labor of love for me - it will eventually be created. But with your generous support, that "eventually" can be bigger, grander and sooner!

$6.50 of $20 per month
COLOR! I'll start doing the comic in full color again for the low low price of $20 a month.
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