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About Dr. Mark Goulston

  • Is your relationship at a standstill because of a conversation you need to have with someone, but can’t?
  • Is there something you want someone to know, but can’t tell them?
  • Is there something you’d like someone to tell you, but they won’t?
  • If there were a catalyst that could jump-start that long overdue conversation, would you want to use it?
My mission is simple; I want to inspire emotional healing throughout the world – one conversation at a time. I believe that with your help, we can do just that.

If you believe in the benefits any of my original videos, image macros, blog posts and other original bits of content and deem it to be worthy of your support, please pledge $1 (or more) and receive access to exclusive services and content available ONLY through this subscription-based Patreon campaign.

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So what am I, Dr. Mark Goulston - psychiatrist, TV personality, radio-show host, author and suicide prevention specialist - doing here?

Well, I am a serial, social creative. I have spent my entire professional career (over forty years) creatively healing individuals, their relationships to others and inwardly to themselves - one conversation at a time.

Join me as I speak for, from and as you - so you can finally get that important other person to get where you’re coming from…to talk about the thing that you haven’t been able to tell them...or jump-start that long overdue conversation.

First and foremost, this is a mission to heal the world one conversation at a time. Therefore, we are making a series of “blocked-conversation-barrier-breakthrough” tools. In addition to the regular articles and blog posts I write, your support will help us post new original web-videos every month…which you can use to help your family and friends heal their relationship troubles. Our series, “What I Want You To Know”, is designed to help YOU start conversations. You can do that by sharing these videos on your Facebook wall, on the wall of someone you need to repair your connection with, through email, or send your heartfelt message through twitter…you can share these ideas through any form of communication you wish…as long as you open the lines of communication – the healing can begin.

Dr. Mark Goulston is not a pushy, hard-selling, self-proclaimed, self-help guru. Like you, he is deeply concerned about the fading away of patience, kindness and tenderness in a rushed world where people are more intense and agitated than they are present…and where they experience excitement but not much joy.

He is also a Board-Certified, internationally renowned psychiatrist who has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Oprah, Sally Jessie Raphael, Montel Williams, and countless other major TV shows and networks. He has also worked with anxious, depressed and suicidal patients and trained FBI and police hostage negotiators. More than that, he has a gift for putting into words the deepest feelings that you or someone you love can have but that neither of you can say.

Support this project and help us heal your relationships one conversation at a time. 

This campaign is not about showing you what we can do; it’s about showing you what you can do to repair, create and build the best possible relationships, one conversation at a time and then for all of us to spread it to the world.

Join our community, but first review our Core Values and make sure they match yours.

  • It’s more important to improve a relationship than to get your way.
  • Relationships improve when people can understand what each other’s deepest feelings are underneath their outward behavior.
  • If and when people express their deepest feelings and concerns (or have them expressed for them), they must never be used against them. 
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If you help us reach our $500 goal, you'll receive an exclusive Digital Summary of my book, "Just Listen," which became the top book on listening in the world.  It's just the tool you need to help you have one of the best conversations you've ever had after you use "What I Want You to Know" in one of your most important relationships.
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