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It is not necessary to be a Patreon supporter to participate in the chat room! But if you want a cool blue name in the chat, this tier will give you that. 

As a bonus, you get access to the PERK downloads, which include yearly updates of my ETP Almanac and Word Counting Calendar.

Includes Discord benefits

Virtual Coworker!

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You get the LEVEL 2 PATRON status, which grants access to the private #studio_chat channel on the Discord server. You also get a purple name in the public chat room.

This tier is for those who enjoy the virtual coworking chat and want to help support it and/or my other work in productivity tool design.

Includes Discord benefits

Business User!

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Are you using my productivity tools in your business? Receive my official blessing to use them for business purposes within your organization, guilt-free!

You also get LEVEL 3 PATRON status in the virtual coworking chat, with an ultra-purple name!

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About DSri Seah

Hi, thanks for visiting my Patreon page! 

In August 2019 I started to focus my efforts on creating community over design work. I'm also doing a LOT more software development these days, and that leaves little energy for me to do design. On the positive side, this means that I might be able to make interesting apps some day! I've provided more details in the August 15 post Patreon Hiatus / Changing Directions

Supporters still have access to the perks that I'll continue to provide yearly. And of course all my past productivity tool work is still available for free to everyone!


If you're supporting me here BECAUSE you want LOTS of free downloads, that isn't happening for a while. There's three reasons you might want to support me anyway:

  1. You want to show support for DS|CAFE, my virtual coworking community. Patrons that support at the $1 level and up gain a special Discord Patreon Role in the Virtual Coworking Chat Room.
  2. You like my prior design work and/or blogging, and would like to show your support!
  3. You are using my design at a place of business for profit as part of official business process. Individuals in the workplace can use my work under the free personal license. I appreciate any support...your accountant can probably expense it.
Even if you just want to support me for $1/month for a few months, that's still great! It's also not necessary at all. If your funds are limited, please support the creators that you love who really would benefit from it! It's cool! You can follow this account to just keep in touch, or join us in the Virtual Coworking Chat to get the daily scoop :-)

Thanks to all for your support, and if you have any questions do feel free to ask me :-)

$100 - reached! per month
Megadownload of all forms I've made available over the past 10 years! This will be a download reward for all patron levels here on Patreon! It might take a while to make!
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