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I have worked to improve the internet for my entire life. I've also made a lot of music, and done my best to further the alt.space program. For the last 10 years I've worked myself to the bone, mostly unpaid, to solve the "bufferbloat" problem - first by organizing and leading the team that solved it, and giving away, for free, the ideas and code for anyone to use! And I've spent tons of time later convincing standards organizations like the IETF to make the ideas standard in new equipment - and also open source makers like openwrt to retrofit the fq_codel and cake fixes into millions of older yet upgradable home routers, and helping ISPs, vendors and chipmakers understand both the need for the BQL/fq_codel fixes, and how to implement them.

We mustered the resources and won a battle against the FCC to make our wifi fixes legal.

I have supported myself with irrelevant contract after contract over this time, and lived really, really cheap, and while I don't intend to stop doing the latter, balancing the demands of the former was getting to be a PITA.

My sort of long term outlook for technology development is not something most companies are willing to fund - stuff that pays off hugely in 3 years is too far out for most, and yet, me staying focused on these problems has led to nearly incalculable benefits for everyone now on - or due to get on - the Internet. Or so I think. What do you think?

Fixing wifi was harder and more tedious than fixing bufferbloat was in the first place, and required eany releases of code (built around the openwrt codebase) and much testing before the fixes could be used by everybody. Outputs of the bufferbloat project are now in over 1B devices, with at least another billion to go.

Thx for your support!
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In order to simulate accurately a wide range of wifi conditions, test calibration equipment is needed that is rare and expensive.
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