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  • Fan submissions! Submit character names, items, etc. - you have a hand in shaping our journey! (You'll receive a link in your welcome email)
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  • The Monthly Bonus of Indeterminate Content! A new piece of content every month. In the past, it's been BTS videos, one-shot campaigns in different systems, and even commentary tracks for TV shows! 
  • Daddy Issues, a PDF newsletter released every two months written in-character by the dads, covering topics near and dear to their hearts! 
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A rad #1 Dad D20 sticker, designed by Kat Curwin!

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All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

  • Uncut episodes along with a PDF of Anthony's DM prep and editing notes! Listen to bits that didn't make it and hear how an episode goes from raw recordings to finished mix!
  • Daddy’s Game Night- Every month, join us for a live stream of online games (be they video, board, or mind!) Snacks will be provided, but only at Anthony’s house, and you have to physically be there, and he’s not telling you where he lives, and if you show up he’ll turn off the lights and pretend nobody’s home (streams will be recorded and archived)
  • Merch Drops! New merch every six months via Merch by Patreon! (Note: must be pledged for three months to receive)
  • Access to a monthly Discord hangout! Ask questions, receive fatherly advice, and generally have a grand ol' time!
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JEZZBALL - A poster featuring Henry/Will's archnemesis!

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All the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

  • Whenever we make a new merch item, we'll send you one for free!
  • Dadventure Modules - These RPG modules, released every two months, come with detailed DM notes, sample dialog, and custom audio assets so that you and your group can experience entirely original adventures in the Dungeons and Daddies universe. You’ll receive fully playable PDF adventures with encounters, enemies, and  improvisation tips when your players inevitably do something you didn’t expect!
  • The Vizier Chat - A private Discord chat every two months where you can ask the Daddy Master questions on topics ranging from, “How often do you spank your cats on the butt?” to DMing roleplaying games, and Dungeons and Daddies stuff too I guess.
  • Additionally, every six months, receive a credit good for one of the following:
    • A miniature (up to 35mm) painted by Matt! Make one on HeroForge or send one in! (Limited slots)
    • A D&D workshop! An hour-long Discord workshop where we work with you to flesh out a character or give advice on your own campaigns!
    • A Dad Cameo! One of the daddies will make a cameo appearance in your D&D campaign as whatever you want - NPC, Dad, whatever (also the session can’t be just you so this doesn’t get awkward).
    • Dad Reads! Any character from the show will record an audio message for you!
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Poster
Fulfilled by Patreon
JEZZBALL - A poster featuring Henry/Will's archnemesis!



About Dungeons and Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies (not a BDSM podcast) is a bi-weekly podcast that tells the story of four dads from our world who are flung into a fantasy world in a quest to rescue their lost sons.

This Patreon directly supports the costs that go into creating this podcast and generating cool bonus content, covering stuff like hosting fees, audio engineering, sound design, music, art, and episode transcriptions.

If you've enjoyed our dad antics please consider directly supporting this show! As a Patreon sub (again, not a BDSM podcast), you'll receive cool perks, exclusive content, and the intangible pride in knowing you've made this show possible.

- Freddie, Beth, Matt, Will, and Anthony
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All That Jizz: A Star Wars TTRPG Spectacular!

A special Star Wars themed mini-campaign following the galaxy hopping antics of a down-on-their-luck Jizz band, featuring perhaps the most unlistenable, goofy character voices yet!
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