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About Jennifer Nini

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a writer and activist. Here's why I've started this Patreon account...


I started a blog called Eco Warrior Princess back in 2010 exploring topics that I feel matter: ethical fashion, sustainability, social justice, environmental issues, climate change, ethics in business, green living, conscious consumerism and clean food.

In the last couple of years, the demand for free content has increased, as more people have become concerned with the the state of our world and seek information and ideas that will empower them to make positive changes in their own lives/communities which will help change the course of our future.

In order for Eco Warrior Princess to deliver and serve readers, it will rebrand from a blog to a conscious media business.


As the 'conscious' movement has grown, so too has Eco Warrior Princess. I've predominantly kept it ad-free but now I have no other option but to 'monetise' it in a way that can sustain the activities that goes into producing a massive sustainability platform.

I've had to hire a team of people just to support the growth of Eco Warrior Princess and continue offering readers information that will help them be the change.

I've been paying everyone out of my own pocket because I believe in fair trade and that people should be paid for the value they provide. But now it's becoming unsustainable. I'm overworked, I'm stressed, and I'm exhausted trying to do all of it. 

And that's why I need your help. 


To maintain the running costs of the website, the automation tools that help us promote our work and helping me to cover the team's wages so I don't have to rely on advertising and sponsorship and can keep the website content and information freely available which is essential if we want to help transform the world.

So you will essentially be supporting an editor, an admin/editorial assistant, contract writers and interns. It would be lovely if I could draw a wage too, but that's not my primary goal on Patreon. It's to keep giving readers articles and pieces that are alternative to the mainstream crap that bombards our feeds; crap that only serves to keep big fat publishing cats in cushy jobs and advertisers and investors happy.

And of course, your support means keeping the team in meaningful employment as they all love working here and being a part of a business driven by real purpose. Well that's what I think anyway. Best to ask them yourself LOL!!


If you value Eco Warrior Princess and the content we produce, please make a pledge. 

Every little bit you can give helps to sustain the work we do. If you think it's important work and don't want us to go down the route of being another mainstream media brand that's only ever concerned with producing click bait, sponsored ad posts each and every article, affiliate links galore, or extremely irrelevant ads, we need your support. 

And on a personal note, every little bit you give reduces the financial burden on me. I don't care about making millions - a childless engaged woman who leaves a digital job in the city for the green minimalist life and rarely wears make-up is not interested in the trappings of the 'aspirational' lifestyle (although I would like to make a wage one of these days!). And I don't care to play these numbers games that so many others in the publishing and blogging world care about. Your pledge means we can keep the content as ad-free as possible and make it available to everyone, as well as maintaining editorial independence while continuing to challenge our high-carbon consumer lifestyles.

So if you think the world is better with a resource like our media brand, please donate. I'm too proud to grovel, so consider this Patreon page the extent I will go to ask for help. And it's been difficult even creating this page and just asking for support. Fear is a fucked up thing right?!

Anyway, seven years Eco Warrior Princess has been a labour of love. Seven years I've been advocating for positive change. Seven years I've given it everything I've got.

Now I'm asking you to give.

And if you do decide to give, I will be endlessly grateful! And I might just give you a big fat kiss on the cheek if we ever meet.

Jen xx

p.s. A massive thank you to Nicole R. who sent me an email after reading my Transparency Report post. She was the one who suggested I use Patreon in the first place. I don't know how to repay you for sharing this fantastic idea and not sure why I hadn't seriously considered it before, but if we ever meet in this lifetime, I'm shouting you a drink and giving you a massive hug because I wouldn't have launched this page if it weren't for you. You are an angel xx
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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