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About Ecu Company

This magical client was created by a select people from a underground company called Usari C. And is known for having the most newly formulated MC: BE client out there. Ecu Client is a professionally made client and is using C/C++ to its maximum protentional.
  • Ecu offers a lot more than other clients, making it unique & the fittest of MC: BE clients.

aim with this client is to make a uniquely coded client that is smooth as butter when it comes to - Updating, adding new features, solving errors, etc.

Why Patreon? We request financial support to secure our current & possible future projects and will allow us to fund our team. But it all depends on you because we want to listen to you! And give you a unique experience to further support & help build something extraordinary!
  • Patreon, why Patreon? Patreon provides us with the necessary marketing tools, thus making private and un-secure payment's more secure, this is to ensure that you get the most out of this project.

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