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  ● You can help me to buy a good drawing tablet and accessories for it, so I can draw more comic episodes of BlinkyPaws comics.

● Also I need a good piano, not that small one that I have :) Now I use (M-Audio Keystation 49e). And this is low quality, more a MIDI keyboard. It's important for the pianist to have a good piano.

● Also I need high-quality equipment for singing, vocal, music

● Need also a good web camera for react videos on YouTube
  You can donate just 1$ per month or  choose yourself  the amount you like to donate, I will appreciate any support!

Thank you for supporting my creativity

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Little kitten Moti need your support!

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BlinkyPaws comics, Moti and her author need your help. Like, seriously, you know, kittens have some needs, like, feeding some tasty cat food, to fill up their cat tray )) shampooing their fur, and buy some toys to play at lonely times))If you ever had a kitten, ya know what it is all about, right?:)
   And sure...
You will receive an access to a unique comics releases about little kitten MOTI adventures and her friends, which will be not available on free Instagram version, but only on Patreon.

Become a patron and get involved in content creation!
✔️And of course, don't forget - as more Patrons I have, as more new Episodes I will be able to create for you!
You will speed up the production of my new music, which I will distribute for free.
Thank YOU for your support! In this tier you will get:

  •   Exclusive MOTI and other comics releases
  •  1-5 per month exclusive Patreon only comics
  •  Access to behind the scenes including pencil original sketches and videos!
  • You will get access to unique author articles on the topic of music and other

💚Sponsor for advertising

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Donates for Elaizzofficial YouTube channel PR, and to buy an  advertisement for my upcoming comics series on Instagram.
    Everyone knows how important is talent and artistic abilities, but the PR and advertisement is not less important in growing popularity, because that is the way when many people could see the artist and his work.
You might be very talented, but not showing it,locked up inside your house, and the world will never find out about you!
You can change this in my situation and make donations for PR and advertisement.
Thank you!

  • You will get access to unique author articles on the topic of music and other




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About Elaizz music, comix creator (artist)

❤ Hello friends! I am Elaizz
I'm the author of comics about kitten "Moti".
And also, I make videos to cheer you up.
I create videos, play different songs, in different styles and with improvisation. I create relaxing videos , reactions to music videos and songs. I am also a comics creator, and I make music.

Help develop the channel so I'll be able to release more interesting videos, music and other content for you. Because all the big bloggers, musicians, have a team supporting them. Making music, making comics and making videos, all alone, without a team - it's very difficult. So..

...So join in and be a Patron

This is, in short.

I have practically no income from what I do. Your support will allow me to do a lot of things that I cannot now: to upgrade equipment for making music to be as good as producers who spend thousands of dollars on their music studios.

And here is a photo of my studio :)

You can compare what my studio and the standard studio of all producers look like:

Now you know why I don't really like to speak about my studio. Of course, no any soundproof cabin for vocal recording or not even a sound absorbing foam on the walls.

So all the echo is left in a vocal that I am recording for my songs... sgh...


For those who likes to read long text :)

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Blinkypaws community has already members more than 1k members on Instagram!
We are growing, and that’s inspiring!
The surprise for you is here:
when we can have 7k subscribers on Instagram, or 50 patrons on Patreon, In any of these cases Blinky Paws will present to you wonderful new comics!
It's already created, and awaits for this lucky moment when it can appear here !
It's a comics about Teddy Bear, a very special bear, so let him come out and show himself!
It's all in the hands of our BlinkyPaws community of comics lovers! Remember, TeddiBear is waiting!
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