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About Elias Pell

Hi there, I’m Elias Pell.
In what sometimes feels like a previous life, my passion was poetry and art. Now I write strange, fantastical short stories and semi-autobiographical/fantasy novels.
My original plan was to launch this Patreon account by candlelight at midnight on Summer Solstice 2020, surrounded by chanting Druids …but over the last two months, things have got a little bit more desperate.

What happened?

Three years ago, I took a gamble: gathered up all my savings and quit my day job, to focus on writing full-time, for as long as the money would last. In 2017, I completed my first YA Fantasy Novel, Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors, which was quickly snatched up by a small Indie Publishing company. With my writing career finally off the ground, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Fast-forward two years and my publishing dream just became a nightmare. My contract was suddenly terminated, the publishers deciding to breach the contract for no good reason, less than nine months before the book’s release date.

My devastation has turned into determination: to publish my existing works, no matter what obstacles might stand in my way. The plan was to set up my Patreon Page after the release of my debut novel, in the hope that fans of the story would consider supporting the book’s sequel (Yes, there’s a sequel already underway!), as well as other current writing projects.

But, my decision to self-publish both Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors and Scapegoats & Crowbars—a collection of short stories written in 2018—has forced me to ask for any generous help and possible support which might be available. At this point, I have very little left to lose, except for the dream of doing what I love for a living.

Why is Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors so important to me?

“What if our understanding of dreams is just a poor reflection of another place ...a real place?”

Although classified as a Young Adult Fantasy—by my former Publishers—Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors was written more with an adult audience in mind. Based partly upon my own childhood Lucid Dreaming experiences, it is a story which I sincerely hope will resonate with the inner child of every grown-up.

Having been asked numerous times what the story is about, I think my favourite answer would have to be: “Sort of a cross between Peter Pan and A Nightmare on Elm Street.” It fuses Ancient Mythology with modern Urban Legends: and is narrated by a middle-aged man who has barricaded himself inside his attic, confessing in a race against time the terrifying secrets from his childhood. The mystery of Steggie Belle.

What do I need?

Ideally, my initial target is to help cover the costs of self-publishing these two books: Scapegoats & Crowbars and Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors within the next nine months. My rough calculations (I’m still getting to grips with the general process) put this figure somewhere between $800 (the bare minimum) - $2,000 (which would allow me to spend a little more, getting professional help with specific stages in the two books publication).

After that, my hope would be to one day reach $1,200 per month, which would allow me to continue writing full-time, finish the sequel to Steggie, together with the other writing projects I am currently working on. I lead a relatively frugal and simple lifestyle: I don't buy clothes very often and have become quite attached to most of my wardrobe's time-worn holes. I usually only eat one meal a day, so that also helps cut down costs a little.

What can I give? What do YOU get?

All Patrons from the $5/month up will receive monthly pieces of my work as well as access to my private and personal image posts.
For any of you amazing people who are willing and able to contribute over $5 a month, I will try to add more and more exclusive rewards and personal giveaways, as my journey into the world of self-publishing continues!

Several years ago I did a crazy Charity Walk and, during those four and a half months, was totally astounded—and humbled—by the overwhelming generosity from complete strangers whom I met along the way. I guess that experience has kindled the belief that there might be some incredible Patrons out there who will consider supporting my work.

If you have any other ideas for specific rewards, please do not hesitate to contact me! After all, the most important thing is what I can give you in return for your kindness.
$57.69 of $250 per month
Any money between now and Summer Solstice 2020 will be put towards publishing these two books. $800 is the minimum, but if more is possible and I can reach $2,000, it will allow me to spend a little more on professional, unique touches.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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