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This is for content creators who want to REALLY take things to the next level. Think of this like a mastermind group - we work together to build each other up.
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I don't even know what to offer here.
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About EposVox

Creating the best Tech Education / Edutainment Possible

(Especially for Content Creators & Streamers!)

My name is Adam, but I go by "EposVox" and the "Stream Professor" online. I work hard to provide great and high-quality educational, technology-centric content. My goal is to provide helpful how-to videos, quick and easy tech tips, guides on bigger-picture concepts, and product reviews which are consumer-friendly, helpful, and entertaining.

In 2021, I published 202+ high-quality tech education videos on the main channel, plus live streams and secondary channel content. As a one-man show. While I'm very proud of the output scale I've managed to achieve on my own (especially being a new dad and just settling into a new place, etc.) - things have to change. 

My goals are the same as they've always been: Provide high-quality, accurate and precise, tech education content that can help as many people as possible learn and master their tech, maybe even make a content creation career out of it. But I want to reach more people than I currently can, and I want to make it more fun.

I want to provide resources and education not just for beginner streamers opening OBS for the first time, but for those who have already been streaming a while and want to start thinking seriously about the business side. I want to help not just beginner YouTubers but those in the 50-200k subscriber range really optimize their work efforts to get the best results - leveraging my years of work history with MCNs and coaching YouTubers. I want to stream more, connect more, and make sure I help as many people as possible.

For that, I can't be the only one running the show anymore.

To deliver what you all deserve, I need:
  • editors
  • writers
  • assistants
  • graphics designers
  • and more of you to bounce ideas off of and help build each other up

In 2022, I'm accomplishing those goals first by bringing on a couple editors to start learning how to delegate and offload some of the work while I build up an awesome new live show.
From there, we'll hire more and build out a team. But a team costs money. Money I don't currently have, but you can easily help with.
Coincidentally, my goals also involve delivering more value to you, so I think we can work out a deal.

I've set up two subscription tiers tightly integrated into my Discord server to deliver value and help us both achieve our goals.

  • $3 Hall Pass - If you just want to support the efforts, or get early access/behind the scenes content and some WIP feedback, this is for you. We've got secret chats, early looks at videos, and some fun events (game night priority slots, etc.)

  • $25 Teacher's Pet - This is the "mastermind group". This is for fellow content creators who want to have myself and others with experience consult on your work, provide feedback, generate ideas and bounce ideas off of each other. We'll be evolving this group more and more through 2022 to deliver as much value as possible. We already have groups going to provide thumbnail and title feedback, "The Classroom" to discuss deep dives into hardcore topics like the YouTube Algorithm and content planning, and it's growing every day!

This is going to be a joint effort here. If there's a way I can provide value that would make you join, without detracting too much from the main goals, let's discuss it. I wanna hear it. Otherwise, let's just make some awesome stuff this year.

For more information about all of this, please check out the "I'm changing everything." video!

I sincerely hope you consider contributing, and I know I won't disappoint you.
Thanks so much for your time,
~ Adam // EposVox
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Hire Someone?!
Immediately, we need video editors. They're not cheap, though. That's my first goal: Get some of the video editing offloaded so I can focus on some of the bigger picture goals.
From there, we will eventually need:
  • Writers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Assistants
  • Social Media smart people
Want to contribute your skills to the cause? Please reach out!
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