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Even just one dollar per month contributes to my overall ability to continue creating educational technology content for free on YouTube and other outlets.

This is a valuable token of support and you will get a huge "Thank You!" from me.
  • PATREON FEED ACCESS: All Patrons get access to my Patreon Feed where I will share normally un-published thoughts, reviews, quick tips, and news relating to our gaming and tech content. 
  • Discord Server Access - Secret Sub-Only Chat and role on Discord!
Includes Discord benefits


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For five dollars per month, you're making a great contribution towards free educational technology content, and I want to reward you for it. You will receive:  
  • All previous rewards
  • Early-ish Access: When possible, early access videos will be shared here and in the Discord Server.
  • DISCOUNTS: Huge discounts on any of my normally paid products or services when it comes to YouTube marketing or technology. (eBooks, YouTube consultations, etc.)
  • Discord Server Access - Secret chat and role on Discord where you get a more direct line of contact to me, as well as early access to content, behind the scenes posts and discussions, and some work-in-progress stuff. 
Includes Discord benefits

Consultation Station

per month
Want to hire me as a consultant for your live stream or broadcast-related tech issues? This is your opportunity. 
I'm not limiting this role to any specific number now, but I will do so if needed - however I expect it to remain low, if not empty most of the time. 
This is entitles you to 1-3 calls to discuss solutions or setup to your streaming issues, or a full brand review and critique. 
This will remain pretty open-ended and flexibility - if you're willing to contribute this much, you know what you want.

(Also includes the Early Access/Discord sub roles of previous tiers, of course.)
Includes Discord benefits

About EposVox

What is Patreon and why do you use it?

Patreon is a platform that allows viewers and fans to support creators they appreciate on a more direct level. Creative endeavors don't always involve a lot of revenue for those involved. 
I've spent 7 years educating streamers and content creators - and the sustainability of this gig has relied, in part, on contributions from viewers like you. That will never change.

How does it work?

My Patreon is set up for a monthly contribution, where you pay up front. You can cancel at any time. Annual Subscriptions are a new feature of Patreon - where you can pay for the full year up-front and save 10% versus paying month-to-month. Options are good!
Pledging to this Patreon gets you access to a private patron-only room in our Discord chat server. Here you can ask me direct questions in a less-crowded manner, suggest video ideas, get video critiques, as well as occasional early access to videos and behind the scenes special looks!
There is some exclusive behind-the-scenes content that Patreon supporters receive, but it's all extraneous - all of my educational and review content will continue to remain free and open to the public.

Shoot, I don't have money to support this.

No problem! Please don't push yourself to become a patron if you are struggling financially or low on income. I know what that's like - and it doesn't feel good. Take care of your priorities first.
I will continue to create content for free to reach my goal of helping others, regardless of Patreon support.
(Alternatively, you can also support through DonorBox, or a one-time PayPal tip as well!)

Who are you?

My name is Adam, but I go by "EposVox" online. I work hard to provide great and high-quality educational, technology-centric content. My goal is to provide helpful how-to videos, quick and easy tech tips, guides on bigger-picture concepts, and product reviews which are consumer-friendly, helpful, and entertaining.

I started YouTube back in 2006 - the early days of the platform. I've tinkered with it off and on - having started focusing on gaming content - but over the past couple years I've started to really lock down and get serious about creating helpful tech content. I've published over 1,000 YouTube videos on the main "EposVox" channel alone, with a few side channels going as well. I'm serious about my content.

I sincerely hope you consider contributing, and I know I won't disappoint you.
Thanks so much for your time,
~ Adam // EposVox
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Hire Someone?!
I've resisted the idea of hiring someone before, but things are scaling to the point that it makes sense.
With this tier, I could hire an editor and possibly additional social media help to take a big load off of my plate and scale up content output to get more educational videos to your eyes and more quickly.
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