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About taylor

Hey, I'm Taylor,

My goal is developing software that helps bring people together in an open and privacy centric way.

Originally, being able to create a startup in tech that actually helped people was my goal for a long time. As time passed, I saw how consistently for-profit platforms, specifically social media, would eventually be persuaded into exploiting users and data for profit regardless of initial intentions.

Building tools that would are free for everyone that are not driven by profit but maintainability and openness seemed to be the way around this. Focusing on user privacy and developer accessibility to keep the tool easily maintainable or quick to onboard others.

Syphon (https://github.com/syphon-org/syphon) is a privacy centric matrix client that hopes to fulfill those goals. I'm currently the only developer on it and have put my heart, mind, and wallet into this project. Sponsoring me would help pay for the on going costs mostly for the brand, marketing, and effort for the project. I've started trademark applications, bought several domains, and hosting several services all for the effort of Syphon.

Even if no one donates, I will continue to work on this project.

Syphon is my primary client through matrix, feel free to message me @ereio:matrix.org with any questions or concerns :)

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