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        About Eric Armstrong

        Be Part of the Spiritual Revolution

        Together, the Subtle Energy Yoga program and the "Instant Alignment" Yoga Meditation Bench aim to help evolve the world into a new era of spirituality. 

        Studies show that a little less than 9% of the country does yoga, but more than 41% would like to. That is a whopping 50% of the country. It's a huge market to be sure, but the more important goal is to get them meditating. Once they discover the joy of making an inner spiritual connection, it is a practice they will continue for life. And the more people have an inner connection to their "divine superpower" (by whatever name they call it), the better everyone's lives will be.

        Subtle Energy Yoga is a meditative form of yoga—one that leads to meditation, and encourages it. In addition, it includes a variety of internal energy-activation practices that raise chi.

        Bench Yoga is the foundation practice that anyone can do. If you can sit in a chair, you can do it. If you can in Lotus Pose, you can still get a lot out of it. And Bench Yoga can help you get from one to the other! It includes asanas and exercises that build strength and flexibility, while building awareness of the way in which those activities raise chi —an awareness that is developed by meditating

        Bench Yoga is as easy as Chair Yoga, but you are not forever limited to sitting in a chair. Instead, it helps you gradually move you towards more advanced sitting positions. And it helps you develop a meditation practice.

        People who have never done yoga in their lives find Bench Yoga enjoyable. People who currently do yoga find that Bench Yoga helps to advance their yoga asana practice, and improve their ability to sit. Teachers of yoga, meanwhile, find that they can reach 5 times as many people with the Subtle Energy Yoga system. (Bench Yoga is just the start. There is much more to come!)

        Learn More!

        • Visit to find out more about the "Instant Alignment" Yoga Meditation bench and the Subtle Energy Yoga system.
        • Read the Bench Yoga book (available on Amazon, orderable via ISBN by retailers) to learn about the foundation practice, including a powerful breathing pattern, asanas, and exercises that are both meditative and stimulating—practices that generate and at the same time raise awareness of internal energy flows, all while developing the strength and flexibility needed to sit comfortably.

        About Eric

        Eric Armstrong has spent 30 years in spiritual pursuits, including Hatha Yoga, training and teaching martial arts, exploring Tantra, and studying Raja Yoga. A former athlete and coach, he brings Western sensibilities to Eastern spirituality, creating a system that is at once deep and practical—one that focuses on the essence of Yoga: Samadhi, or a blissful sense of enlightenment.

        The first volume in his Subtle Energy Yoga series is centered around the uses and value of a sitting bench to make Yoga easier and more meditative, while at the same helping even advanced practitioners progress toward Lotus Pose. Along the way, he introduces the reader to subtle, internal energy flows, by doing even standard asanas in different ways.

        Subsequent volumes in the series examine Yoga and meditation in greater depth, describe internal energy-flow practices, and explain the science of an "Energy Yoga Lifestyle" that maximizes internal energy. Videos that take a viewer through a practice are in the works.

        The author of multiple books in other areas, Eric launched TreeLight PenWorks ("Unique Perspectives, Clearly Explained") to publish them. is his latest venture, with the task of bringing the "Instant Alignment" Yoga/Meditation Bench to the world.

        His labor of love since 1996 has been the website, where he publishes articles with on nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and social sanity (more than 600, at present)--invariably with some unique and novel insight to share.

        On a social level, he observes that America surpassed the world by fostering innovation, creativity, and the construction of powerful corporations that can do what no one ever individual ever could. However, that very success has had a corrosively destructive effect--to the point that it now imperils the planet.

        The vast majority of America's social ills, in his view, can be traced to the fact that in today's America government is more responsive to lobbyists and corporate donors than to the American populace. The only possible solution is take money out of the election process. But how?

        He began pondering that very question in the year 2000. There are many well-intentioned efforts to do just that -- but that they all run into the same difficulty: Those who benefit from the current system are in charge, and they do not want to change it!

        Eric spent 5 years repeatedly asking the question (and pushing every conversation in that direction): How can we take money out of the election process? In 2005, an answer appeared: Create a social media system that lets people give each other voting advice. 

        With such a system, you get advice only on matters you'll be voting on, and only from sources you have subscribed to. It's a spam-free system that would make it possible for an organization like Greenpeace to launch down-ballot political careers. (The ones where you currently have no idea how to vote.)

        He calls for just such a Voting Advice System at his website, where people can sign a declaration of support.

        That system will go a long way towards solving America's social issues. In the process, it will help to prevent global environmental destruction. But mankind's social problems are invariably temporary. They will inevitably be resolved, one way or another, in their own time -- after which a new set of challenges will appear!

        Mankind's spiritual challenges, however, are another matter. They have been present for as long as humanity has been in existence, and continue to be an issue today and for the foreseeable future. Indeed, it may well be said that humanity's need for spiritual awakening is the underpinning for the social ills that are all too visible in today's world.

        For that reason, Eric devotes his efforts first and foremost to the spiritual growth process. Eric believes that the Western traditions of Academic freedom, information sharing, and acknowledging sources can make a difference in this arena -- because acknowledgement of sources provides incentives for sharing, and shared information allows people build on each other's efforts.

        Therefore, though neither a guru nor a saint, Eric is sharing what he has learned during his spiritual forays. In time, he hopes to return to the social issues. But for now, he is content to work in the spiritual domain.

        A former volleyball player and coach (and runner, and soccer player), Eric indulges his competitive instincts with a game of pool, and the occasional round of golf. He would like to treat them as a meditation, but often finds it an opportunity to practice maintaining equanimity in the face of mounting frustration! And therein lies the appeal. He sees them as a vehicle for learning how to manage the energy surge that accompanies success, and finding a way to maintain calm positivity in the face of failure. They are, in short, a challenging vehicle for spiritual growth!

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