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About ermaccer

I do various video game modifications, tools, patches and plugins. My work is usually related to Manhunt, but I do a lot of stuff for other games too. 
Small list of important projects:

  • Manhunt Fixer
    • Fixer is an automated tool to completely fix Manhunt on modern operating systems,
  • MugenHook
    • A plugin for the fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N, it adds several features heavily inspired by Mortal Kombat games.
  • MKXHook  
    • A plugin for PC version of Mortal Kombat X, uncaps framerate, allows to play as NPCs, adds first/third person camera and more!
  • MK11Hook  
    • A plugin for PC version of Mortal Kombat 11, allows to play as NPCs, adds first/third person camera and more!

Check my website for more stuff:
I also develop various tools for editing game archives or models. I do stuff for any platform, this includes consoles such as PS2/PSP or Nintendo Wii.  You can find these tools in my GitHub repos.

Patreon Stuff

What will donations go for?
Mostly required hardware (consoles, cables, etc.) and/or software (games, programs) which would be useful for my projects.

Will there be any paid content (exclusive projects, mods, files)?
No. I don't think it is reasonable to paywall game mods or tools, without the base game you wouldn't be able to profit off stuff so why do it? Everything I do will be free and accessible for everyone.

Will there be any benefits of being a patron?
Perhaps. I may need beta testers for any prerelease stuff, although I usually have the right people for testing.

Can I expect more progress on project X by donating?
No idea, some features in my projects are really time consuming and sometimes are found by pure luck, you may motivate me (by showing interest in X thing) more though.

For possible patrons:
Please try to message me what made you subscribe (as I do a lot of stuff), I can use this information to make interesting statistics and what not.

I believe in free & accessible modding information and projects so everyone will receive the same things.

You can cancel your pledge after 1 day or so if you do not wish to donate monthly.

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