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About ESC Insight

Press play to listen to ESC Insight’s Ewan Spence introduce our Patreon project, where you can support the content we create about the Eurovision Song Contest…

Hello Patreon! It’s a traditional “good afternoon, good morning and good evening” to ESC Insight’s Patreon page, where you can help make our coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest even better!

Why have we asked you here? We'll go into more detail in a moment, but the basic pitch is this:

If you enjoy ESC Insight’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and would like to support our podcasts, articles, radio shows, and commentary, you can through Patreon.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon allows fans and supports of creative projects to directly sponsor the projects that they love. It has been used to fund feature films, documentaries, music, podcasts, novels, newspapers, comedy, and more.

ESC Insight is looking to support all the content we currently create for our main website through small monthly donations from our readers and listeners. We’re not going to hide any existing content from to do this, but we are going to offer some bonus content to supporters on Patreon as a thank you.

Why Does ESC Insight Have A Patreon Campaign

( If you're not familiar with ESC Insight, head over to to see how we've covered the Eurovision Song Contest since 2010).

ESC Insight is not going to go away, and we’re not looking to change how we cover the Eurovision Song Contest. We’re now in our fourth year on Patreon, and looking to build on our successful coverage of Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

While everyone loves free content, the content isn't free to make. The Insight team spends a lot of time creating the content that you have grown to love over the last ten years, and we want to make sure that we can continue to run the website, support the team, and keep covering the Song Contest as best we can through in-depth writing, high quality podcast series, and live reporting.

In our annual reader surveys, our community has said they would be willing to directly support ESC Insight.

Patreon is a great way for those who wish to support us to do so. Funds raised through Patreon will help us reach a number of goals throughout the Eurovision year. The three main areas that your support will help are:
  • The server costs and maintenance contracts that keep the ESC Insight website running.
  • Allowing the editorial team to commission writers to create new articles, features, and series.
  • Supporting travel and accommodation costs to attend the Eurovision Song Contest, National Finals, and related Eurovision events (such as the preview concerts) when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

What You Can Pledge

Patreon takes five percent of any pledge
as running costs for the services offered to creators, but everything else will come back to ESC Insight (after government taxes of course!).

Our Silver Tier is $1 a week ($4 a month, just under £5)
. You can support ESC insight for the price of a decent coffee with our Silver Tier. We would love it if every reader at least considered this, because it all adds up in the end.

Our Gold Tier level is $10 a month
. If you are able to offer more, you can support us through the Gold Tier. As a thank you for signing up at this level, you’ll have access to more articles and podcasts, with at least one exclusive piece of content every month.

Our Platinum Tier level starts at $50 a month
and is geared towards businesses that wish to support ESC Insight directly, with a number of tailored rewards depending on the business and level of support. If you want to talk about the specifics, speak to [email protected] and let's get it sorted.

If you prefer a one-off payment, or need a tax invoice, we're happy to help. Again, speak to [email protected] who can help you out.

The Positive Impact On ESC Insight

The regular podcasts, features, and articles on the ESC Insight website will continue, but your support through Patreon will go a long way to making ESC Insight a self-sufficient operation.

Through your support we have not only covered our running costs, but were able to create a number of documentary style podcasts, live recordings, help our writers by covering some expenses and living costs during May Eurovision 2018, and commissioning new music for the podcasts.

Broadly speaking, we’d like to keep doing all of the above, but to a greater degreel so covering server costs, supporting existing and new writers, and having the option to work on longer multimedia projects.

Your Support Will Make A Difference

If you'd like to be involved with supporting ESC Insight, have a look at the rewards we are offering. If there’s one that fits with you, great, click on it and let’s work together to make ESC Insight’s coverage of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest the best ever!

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When you help us reach $300, we’ll be able to better support the Insight team members, increase the number of articles and podcasts we publish, and develop new audio and video projects.
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