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About Bonnie

Hi! I'm a Bonnie (she/her). I'm a very queer very trans very gal living in the far frozen reaches of the European northwest. I generally like to stay in my small circle and help my friends out with stuff!

You might know me from various pride heart emoji (one day I'll sit down and make sparkly versions of all of theeeemm); my amazing plushies, hair, &/or face; my attempts at D&D homebrew; my various levels of input on various projects; and whenever I have spoons I'm working on various infrastructure & other software projects for and with my friends & partners. Currently I'm helping run the eerie garden!
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Necessary Healthcare. This'll cover my normal monthly medical costs. If I'd like to have any surgeries (which I do), I'll still need to run a separate fundraiser for those unless my insurance is feeling incredibly generous.
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