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About Evolving Ground

Membership is optional. To make a custom pledge without level commitments, click here & select 'make a custom pledge'. Custom pledges of $17 or more get all degenerate level benefits.

Patron contributions enable personal and group activities. This includes resources, services, and dedicated time from coaches.

Introduction to foundational views & methods is freely available: anyone who asks to be part of Evolving Ground is invited to the monthly coach-hosted practice Q&A, gains access to public Happy Yogis Slack channels, and receives emails with events, announcements, and public presentations.

Pupil and apprentice memberships are currently limited while we establish systems and resources. Vajrayana practice is highly personalized: each membership commitment involves varying levels of personal contact, feedback, and community participation. Learn More...

Evolving Ground coaches are committed to maintaining a happy, healthy, and honest community of practice. They believe to do this skillfully requires competence, transparency, and adaptivity, not a reified hierarchy based on spiritual roles.

Charlie Awbery is a British-born Vajrayana practitioner living in the US. They were an apprentice in the Aro gTér tradition of Tibetan Buddhism for two decades and are an experienced Dzogchen meditator and mentor. Contact & More Info on Charlie

Jared Janes is an American-born Vajrayana practitioner living in Denver, CO. His early practice was influenced by an eclectic set of meditation methods & communities (primarily Unified Mindfulness & The Mind Illuminated). With Charlie’s guidance, he transitioned to Vajrayana practice in 2019. Contact & More Info on Jared

Charlie & Jared are also available for paid 1-on-1 practice consultation separate to, or alongside Evolving Ground participation.

The Evolving Ground Story
Not long after Charlie Awbery stepped away from traditional Vajrayana, Jared Janes ran into Charlie’s Vajrayana Now blog while searching for a meditation practice that didn’t leave him feeling conflicted in yet another sangha. Shortly after that, Charlie and Jared became great friends, discovering a shared passion for employing yogic practices in contemporary ways. They noticed elements of their own relationship that mirrored the informality of village Vajrayana during its first spread in Tibet. This eventually sparked the question, “would other yogis be interested in what we’re up to?”

To test the waters, they hosted an online meetup, and after a surprisingly large turnout and response, they decided it was the right time to start a community of contemporary Vajrayana practice.

Charlie and Jared are establishing the ground for a community that will flourish and evolve for generations. They have a deep respect for their heritages and the lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism, in particular those of the householding village Ngakmas and Ngakpas and the wandering yogis of Tibet. Their perspective is especially influenced by the Dzogchen teachings and early Vajrayana in Tibet.

Understanding the variety of Vajrayana practices according to their principle (how they work) and function (what they do), is essential for this community. Starting with  shi-ne meditation, the base for all other practices, the goal is to make available a variety of Vajrayana methods in a context that helps yogis navigate these multi-faceted, tumultuous, unpredictable, terrifying, and exhilarating times.

Evolving Ground is working to build flourishing, personalized practices that generate confidence and the capacity for congruent, effective activity in our world.

Learn more from the interviews, presentations, and other public content in the posts below.

Reach us at [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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