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Every Wednesday night at 7pm CT, Danielle has a guest on Instagram Live @littlepetal to discuss their Hogwarts House and how it impacts their mental health and career.
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About Fandom and Wellness

Fandom And Wellness is a podcast about the complex relationships between fandom and mental health. Join us as we discuss our favorite fandoms, consider the perks and the struggles of being proud fangirls, and help each other through our journeys toward wellness.

Come into our podcast where we've created a safe space for people to feel less alone, know that they will be okay, and become more comfortable with themselves.

With your support, we can improve the quality of the show, put out more content, and become the professional podcasters we've wanted to be since we were children.  

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........................................................................................................................................................... Danielle: Through owning a small business (Little Petal), I have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of my customers and fellow geek bosses on a more personal level. Something I have realized through conversations and by being vocal on social media about my own mental health is that everyone has their own traumas, and that anxiety and depression are very common amongst the nerd community. The more vocal we can be about raising awareness and smashing the stigmas surrounding mental illness- the more it normalizes these very real things that so many of us live with every day. This is a podcast about empathy and giving space to hear others perspectives.

Jenny: My life and identity has been shaped so much by both my experience in fandom and my uphill battle with mental health issues that they are intricately intertwined.This podcast gives me a space to explore that relationship and invites you to explore your own feelings about fandom and mental health with us. 

Arkeida: The biggest thing for me being a part of this podcast is to encourage more people of color, specifically black/African American people, nerdy or not to seek help in therapy or whatever form it takes. I know that growing up nerdy means growing up different and an outcast from your peers and sometimes family. For me, being both nerdy and black, it was having to live a double life that either part wasn’t welcomed in. I want that stigma or stereotype to end that if you're black or a female/feminine you can’t enjoy nerdy things.
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Danielle here! Jenny has been doing ALL of the editing for FREE. I can not describe how much work and how time consuming that is. Above anything else, I am asking for help supporting our podcast so that she can be paid for being such an amazing human who makes this podcast what it is. Without her, it would not exist. Please help me help her keep it going! <3 Thank you!
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