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About Rose Bailey

When I fall in love with something, I make it into a game. And that comes out to quite a lot of games!

With your generous support, I develop and publish a variety of roleplaying games -- sagas of swords-and-tragedy, epics of cosmic superheroes with divided loyalties, ballads of ridiculous criminals bonded by truest friendship, and so much more!

I've released seventeen games so far, and six supplements for them. I look forward to many more!

Princess of the Universe is now available to the public! Get it on DriveThruRPG or!

I'm Rose Bailey, game designer and writer. I've been working in games professionally for more than twelve years, writing or co-writing over two dozen roleplaying books. I was the longest-serving developer of White Wolf's Vampire, including its bestselling second edition.

I also write original fiction, like the adventures of Sasha Witchblood, and my own creator-owned games, like Cavaliers of Mars.

As a video game designer, I've worked on MMOs like EVE Online and The Elder Scrolls Online, and single-player games like Eye of the Kraken and The Walking Dead.

I write games all the time! With your patronage, I can afford to polish and lay them out. In addition, with backing so far, I've been able to work with professional co-writers and improve the look and feel of my work.

  • Princess of the Universe the game of action figure fantasy! And queer inclusion! And snek ppl! 100 heroic pages, plus truly excellent cover art, and powered by Fate.
  • Dangerous to Go Alone, 8-bit fantasy in a creepycozy world and with all the feels, is a full-color game that comes with its own build kit full of stickers, customizable dice, and more!
  • Miserable Secrets, gothic fantasy with tactical investigation, is a 200-page, full-color blowout!
  • Beautiful Anomalies, is a one-year anniversary, 100-page extravaganza about trust, religion, and time travel.

It's getting to be a big list! Check it out:
  • America the Bulletproof, the game of ridiculous crimes and lifesaving friendship.
  • BLAZON, cosmic superheroes in a universe of Law and Chaos, inspired by Green Lantern and new wave fantasy.
  • Bright & Terrible, a game of swords and tragedy in the style of Michael Moorcock's Elric and Tanith Lee's Flat Earth.
  • Die For You, the game of monsters and feels, inspired by paranormal drama in general and the web series Carmilla in particular. (Released as a free sample.)
  • One Weird Trick to Be a Hero, a game about heroic adventure in the gig economy and solving your problems in ridiculous ways.
  • On Nobody's Side, a game of queer spies in the 60s... first burned, then brought back in with a License to Live!
  • Princess of the Universe, queered up action figure fantasy.
  • The Shadow of Golgotha, a post-apocalyptic feudal world ruled by a blood-drinking aristocracy. (Released to patrons.)
  • Sharded, fantasy noir where death is not the end. (Released to patrons.)
  • State Machine, android espionage inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. (Released to patrons.)
  • Time and Fate, a resource pack for Fate Accelerated Edition, with character sheets, scenario worksheets, and plot twist cards to help you quickly build and run adventures in the style of Doctor Who and Sapphire and Steel. (Released to patrons.)
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Cover Art for Every Project

So far, I'm improvising cover art from bits and pieces each month, largely relying on Creative Commons pieces and art from Shutterstock. Sometimes, that means something beautiful. Other times... not so much.

At this goal, I'll be able to afford professional artists and/or use Adobe Stock, opening up a lot of really gorgeous art.

Depending on the month and project, this will also help me create more attractive interiors and components.
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