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  • Access to exclusive news before anyone else!

  • Our WEEKLY Q/A shows with SRS 

  • Access to our archive of dozens Retro Review Podcasts!

  • Figure Haul, our weekly action figure show.

  • Weekly "The List Goes On"  Bonus Podcast with SRS & Jimmy Van

  • Weekly Fightful Weekender Podcast hosted by Stephen Jensen, covering ROH, IMPACT, NXT UK, 205 Live, NWA -- all things non main roster WWE and AEW!

  • Twice Weekly Sour Graps Podcast With Alex Pawlowski -- WHERE EVERYTHING SUCKS!

  • Weekly Fightful Backstage Report w/SRS show with EXCLUSIVE news, injury reports, contract updates and more!

  • Co-Existing With Rob And Maggie After Dark show weekly!

  • Figure Haul and Card Haul weekly shows and archives of over 50 episodes!

  •  Fightful Photo Gallery exclusive access  

  • "Back In The Day"Members Only podcastsFightful outtake and behind the scenes footage from our archives!

$10 per month
  • An e-copy of Jimmy's book, "Wrestling's Underbelly: From Bingo Halls to Shopping Malls"

  • Early access to Fightful interviews and features, including "Wikipedia Fact Check," "Making A Finisher" and more, sometimes months before they air.

  • Access to Jimmy's archived match footage featuring commentary from SRS & JV!

  • Exclusive access to Fightful Wrestling Weekly every week.

  • Access to The List and Ya Boy's "Stupid People Extended"  archives! -- 60 episodes!!

  • Lots more exclusive content, behind the scenes videos and more!

  • The archived "Dark Match Commentary" or "Alternate Commentary" show!

  • Early access to feature columns from our writers!

  • Exclusive $20 code to use towards any Fightful Merch. Send us a message when you qualify! (Note: Must stay on as a pledge for a minimum of six consecutive months)

  • All previous tiers rewards.  

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  •  Have a custom ring entrance announcement created by former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts in MP3 form and played during the podcast

  • Have yourself worked into the podcast frame on The List & Ya Boy for 2 months.  You'll also be mentioned in every List and Ya Boy episode during that two month period as a sponsor of the Fightful Podcast Network.

  • Only one month of pledging is necessary for this tier's rewards, but you're more than welcome to stay on, if you'd like! 

  • All previous tiers rewards.