Lilli Lewis, the FolkRockDiva

is creating music and community that inspires acts of radical decency.

About Lilli Lewis, the FolkRockDiva

“Lilli Lewis [is] a powerhouse performer adding her unique voice and talent to the national discussion of the state of social justice in America.” - The Kennedy Center

I'm Lilli Lewis, creator of Orange music, a distant more sober cousin of the Blues.

I'm a musician, producer, facilitator and activist who tries to use my work to educate, entertain and empower. In addition to being a songwriter and performing artist, I'm a frequent speaker/panelist/and facilitator on a host of topics including Songwriting; Music Business; Racial Justice; Equity and Reconciliation; Personal Growth and Development; and Relationships. I also co-hosted a radio show that centers personal narrative in relations to C-PTSD oriented Trauma Recovery.

I mostly perform as a solo artist or with my band, The Lilli Lewis Project (LLP for short), but actually, LLP is more a cult of radical decency than a band. We're not looking to climb the pop charts or anything (although, nobody would complain if we did!!). Instead, we play in an effort to add value to our audiences and communities through our revivalist folk, rock, soul and roots music.

By joining my world as a Patreon member, you can be a part of exclusive weekly conversations related all the topics listed above, along with other things I care about like dignity politics, fat activism, all things LGBTQIA+, certain expressions of blerdi-ness, queer / interracial relationships, and more!

You'll also gain first access to new music, writings, videos and other exclusive content while helping us spread our message that we all belong in the just as we are. I believe we all belong to each other and are all responsible for "growing each other up." I also believe that humans, ignited by the call of basic dignity, respect, and purpose, are extraordinary, and are up to the task of building a more sustainable future for each other and the planet we all share. 

My Patreon community will be a place to explore healing the wounds that may be binding us, a place to practice leaning in to our better selves even in the face of challenges, and a place to celebrate the light and beauty our world has to offer, no matter how chaotic the times may seem.

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