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Show your support for ongoing Foundry Virtual Tabletop development and demonstrate your appreciation of Foundry Virtual Tabletop as a tool in your roleplaying toolbox. As thank for supporting at this tier you will receive the following benefits:

  • A Patreon Champion role in Discord which grants you access to a category of private chat channels exclusive for Patreon supporters.
  • A Patreon Champion badge on your user profile page of the official website.
  • Access to vote in Patreon-only polls to help prioritize focused features for ongoing Foundry Virtual Tabletop updates.
Includes Discord benefits


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You are a dedicated supporter of Foundry Virtual Tabletop - your support provides a reliable source of additional income which helps to fund ongoing development of the software. As thanks for supporting at this tier you will receive:

  • The benefits of the Champion Tier, with a Patreon Hero profile badge and Discord role.
  • Access to bonus Foundry-ready battlemaps, either ones that I have created myself or in collaboration with other map-making artists. These maps will be released either as single easily-importable JSON files with accompanying map images or as small adventure modules which contain compendium packs of multiple Scenes. Each Scene will contain a fully walled and lighted battlemap with accompanying Journal Notes on challenges or puzzles that players could encounter.
  • [Later in 2021 and beyond] Access to a homebrew game system which I will be creating. As a side project (without taking too much time away from core development), I have plans for the development of a new game system (setting agnostic, but intended for heroic or dark fantasy) which is designed and optimized first-and-foremost for VTT usage. The system will emphasize satisfying combat mechanics and character progression that balance mechanical sophistication with usable simplicitiy using a richly interactive character sheet.
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You support of Foundry Virtual Tabletop goes above-and-beyond, while I probably don't deserve this level of support I will be greatly appreciative of anyone who wishes to support the project at this level. As thanks for your generous support you will receive:

  • All the benefits of Champion and Legend Tier supporters with a Patreon Legend profile badge and Discord role.
  • Early access to original hand-crafted adventure content created for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. These adventures will be released periodically and made available to Legend-tier supporters for playtesting prior to their final release.
  • Access to a private Discord channel which I will use to brainstorm potential Foundry VTT features, conduct informal polls, and request community advice or opinions. If you want to have a direct voice into the prioritization and design of Foundry Virtual Tabletop - this supporter tier will give you access to that layer of design discussion.
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About Foundry Gaming

Foundry Virtual Tabletop is a new application for organizing and running tabletop roleplaying games in a beautiful and intuitive web-based application.

Foundry VTT is designed to modernize and simplify the virtual tabletop creation process while providing great user experience for both players and game-masters.

Foundry VTT is now fully released and available for purchase from
1,500 - reached! patrons
This community continues to grow beyond my expectations, let's keep the momentum going with a release date announcement coming up soon!
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