Creating A Supportive Community Elevating Black Women in Tech

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About Frauvis

About Our Founder
Our community is a bootstrapped business ran by our founder Naya Moss.

About Us
We are a supportive community elevating Black women in tech, started in 2017, and officially launched in 2018.

Provide a platform specifically for black women and girls in tech. Whether already working in tech, attending school, or have an interest.

Create a community, learning opportunities, job resources, content, and a place of support for black women in tech.

We support Black women through their journey and careers and technical roles. We provide a safe space for our members to learn to grow and connect with women who look like them and understand their experience.

We elevate our members by connecting them with jobs at companies with true diversity efforts, showcase and promote their work such as podcast blog posts and help them to gain visibility in the industry where they are otherwise not ready to recognize or maybe invisible.

Our members are from around the world. We primarily focus on helping to support and elevate Black women in technical roles which include Data Science, DevOps, IT, Security, and more. We also support Black women who work at tech companies that want to transition to technical related roles. Our overall goal is not to separate technical members from non-technical members, but to help bring the two together.

Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter covers community spotlights which are highlighting Black women in tech content such as e-books, blog posts, accomplishments, and general accomplishments within the Black community.
More about our newsletter includes:
  • Jobs at companies known for diversity and genuine efforts
  • Resources to elevate one's career
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Tech Events
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Career Development material for scholarships.

On our podcast, we speak with black women in tech from around the world. We share their experience and technical roles we share their journey and tag and overall share their stories to inspire and help more black women stay in the technology industry and stay in technical roles.

Patreon Support
When you become a patron supporter you help us both to be able to afford operational costs to keep going and help us to help more black women in tech.

Our community fund is used only for members, to help them with books to further their career, attend workshops, purchase courses, and any materials they need to move forward in their role and to succeed.
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Job board at diverse driven company closed to the community.
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