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About The Free People's Movement

We are The Free People’s Movement, a Swedish group describing the geopolitics that underpins where we are today in Western society.

We have mainly done this in Swedish so far, but since modern warfare is based on 80% information handling, 15% economy and 5% kinetic military action, we have finally decided to launch our message in English for a number of good reasons:

What’s been missing in alternative media is the role of the small, “neutral” country Sweden from a historical perspective to the present, which, more than any other country on the planet, has been behind most geopolitical incidents for the last 100 years and more, something we will report with all desirable clarity here on our website and social media channels, for you truth seekers out there on the international arena.

If modern warfare to 80% is based on information handling, and this information is transferred across a telecommunication infrastructure controlled by private interests, it’s in everyone's highest interest to find out who is controlling “the wire” - the hardware required for any information to be able to move at all, be it bank transfers, electronic warfare, missile guiding, emails, Facebook statuses, cryptocurrencies, or shopping history.

We want to expose those who control this global telecom infrastructure originating from Sweden - Ericsson, as owned by Investor - or more clearly put, the financial family Wallenberg, a family whose motto is “Esse non videri” - “To be without being seen”.

The conclusion after drawing the historical and political connections up until now is that the very core of the Deep state operates from here, since the one who controls the telecom infrastructure controls everything else in the information society we live in.

Although we are Sweden's fastest-growing banking reform movement,

  • We haven't received as much as a side note in the owner-directed opinionist media
  • Our YouTube channel has repeatedly been shut down
  • We've been blocked on our politicians' official channels
  • We've been slammed with limiting algorithms on the social platforms
  • We've been threatened, hated, stigmatized, etc, for years

This is why we are now reaching out to the rest of the world, as we need help to once and for all put an end to the insanities of the Deep state, which more than anything else have characterized our world in modern times.

Being located in Sweden, we know the language, the political and business networks, and can literally provide you with inside information that will not disappoint. Give us a shout-out and join us on our social media channels, this is just the beginning!

Who are we?

We are spread all over Sweden, and if we start at the far south, there we have the greatest enthusiast, namely Marcus, a cheerful southerner who gets far too little recognition for his huge nonprofit job. He is bursting with ideas, exceedingly knowledgeable with history, and sits for hours every day updating himself geopolitically. He writes everything from long articles on the website to keen comments on Facebook and has the ability to both in writing and verbally describe connections between events and people that make it so obvious that things must change.

Mathias is our next historical and political expertise, residing in the Stockholm area. He produces huge amounts of material and is not afraid to approach our top politicians and question their behavior. We have lost count of how many video interviews he has done with those in power about the issues we address. Mathias' charisma, drive, and solid knowledge make him an indispensable part of The Free.

In Johanna we have a fantastic illustrator, producing material that we could only dream of before. Here are some of her works:

When Marcus and Johanna put their minds together, the result is one of the most satirical and accurate that has been seen in contemporary history. Take a look at the detail of the "Dead Bankers Apologists Society" for example:

As you probably understand, it is Johanna who has drawn our Patreon cover image, and you can be sure that every contribution will result in more illustrations from this extremely talented girl!

Philip and Viktor are our "Riders of Rohan", two guys who not only know what needs to be done, they are doing it. Together they have driven around southern Sweden, distributing more flyers than anyone else in the whole country, which is so appreciated. If somebody has the will to create a substantial change, these are the two.

Next, we have the Bäckman family, Mikael and Madeleine! A family in central Sweden that does everything they can to ensure that everyone in the surroundings understands the problem when private interests are creating the public means of payment by putting everyone in debt. With more families like Bäckmans we will win the game! :)

Sofia is our humble, wise and health conscious lady who pulls a heavy load since she has a disabled son, and she understands that awareness of the problem is the only way forward. Constantly she calls attention to the issues at hand, because it is particularly clear to her that as society deteriorates, the weakest are sacrificed first.

Conny, our present-day Socrates, has, besides all the requisite knowledge in banking reform, also an emotional understanding beyond the ordinary. That becomes especially evident when discussions becomes not-so-factual, as Conny quickly exposes this and steers back the discussion towards objectivity, to the annoyance of the often emotionally controlled opposite party!

Andreas, the cutting-edge expert in computers and telecommunications, makes a constant effort to take the movement to new levels. He and his brother Kristoffer are two northerners who manage the website and make sure that the information works well online and production-wise.

In northern Sweden we also have Caroline and Peter, in Sundsvall and Umeå respectively, doing what we hope that more and more people will do all over the world - talk about the banking problem with everyone around, spreading awareness through information and discussion.

Last but in no way least, our unfaltering Carl, who has been addressing the banking issue for almost two decades now. He also delivers world-class geopolitical analysis with a frequency that even beats Mathias! It is Carl you’ll listen to when we arrange lectures, which we can do more frequently and over larger parts of the world, the more resources we have.

Then of course we have lots of people who share what we do and spread the word at workplaces, to their friends and in other social contexts. We thank you all for your engagement, you know who you are!

Now you know a little more about the gang that we hope you want to give your support!

What do we need your support for?

Unfortunately, providing all this information is not free. A large part of our costs have previously gone to:

  • Toner and paper for flyers
  • Gasoline to reach the areas we distribute flyers and do public speaking
  • Rent of lecture halls
  • Other printed material
  • Food and accommodation
  • Video and audio equipment.
Of course we will continue with the above, but the future is even more important as this is where you make your investment in us. Here are some of the ideas we have, which you will see realized as soon as the opportunity is given financially:

  • A regular podcast
  • More illustrations and also animations
  • Multiple video series for Youtube, such as history and language
  • Making the website into a larger information portal with article series and searchable link collections
  • A practical course about discussing the subjects at hand
  • Selling merchandise on the website like t-shirts, hoodies, key rings, etc.
  • Build a studio for interviews, news and production of materials with even higher quality.

Our new intro video is an example of the style and quality we will produce, take a look!

How we use Patreon and social media

We see other social media like Facebook, our website, Instagram and Twitter as places where we will publish our main material, and Patreon as a "behind the scenes" platform where patrons receive insights, previews, bloopers and of course our deepest gratitude!

We are completely transparent with the money that comes in, with full reporting every month, because we know that every dime is needed to bring this most important of issues to the public's mind.

Are you joining in?

There is much more to say, but we don’t want to be too long-winded, so now we hope that you have learned enough about us, our pursuit of a better society and a true democracy, that you want to join us on the journey and contribute as a patron.

When you feel ready, click on the red button "Become a Patron". There you can choose your desired donation level, and in the next step you can easily create a user through Facebook (Patreon will not post anything on your Facebook) or with your email address. All donations are strictly anonymous, and you can choose to cancel at any time.

Thank you for reading all the way, that alone shows your willingness to change, which we can do together, and the more we become, the more fun it will be!

Warm greetings from everyone in The Free People's Movement!
$0 of $5,000 per month
With $5000 a month, five people can work full-time with spreading information. This includes travel costs, production and distribution of information material, professional recording studio with equipment and all the costs involved.

We will have full transparency, report all costs and blog daily about our work. This is a huge milestone for us, a chance to really make a difference! Big thanks to everyone who helps us on our way there!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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