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About FrivolousFox ASMR

Hey everyone! I'm Frivvi :) I make and livestream ASMR videos (relaxing, sleep and tingle-inducing videos) on YouTube, as well as livestream on (a gaming/creative community). Both YouTube and Twitch are important outlets for me. YouTube allows me to tap into my vulnerable, softer, more genuine side, while Twitch is a place I show off my sarcastic, silly, tom-boyish and... loud... side. Both are very much me, though! I try to be as much as myself as possible, as scary as that is, and this is a place for those that want to support me for ME. I'm very much still learning about making videos, streaming, ASMR, as well as myself and who I want to be. Patience is greatly appreciated. If you're looking for a super professional, perfect ASMRtist and girl, please look somewhere else. I'm about learning, growing as a person, and building an awesome community. Those of you who choose to support me in this fashion are greatly appreciated, but please don't think I'd rather have money than good people surrounding me. If it were easy to build a free community that didn't have to be strictly moderated from haters and trolls, I'd be vulnerable that way and I have tried in the past. I have a very special community here within Patreon, but it's not because of the money. It's because the people are genuine and lovely. So, if you have a ton of money but are an inconsiderate, impatient asshole, PLEASE DON'T PLEDGE.

I would love to give my Discord and Snapchat and release these more personal snippets of my life to everyone, but not everyone is nice and supportive. So this is just a way to protect my heart. I'm sorry if you want these things and be a part of this community because you truly support me, but can't afford to pledge. Please know that I still love you just the same and appreciate your time, kindness, views, feedback, and general love and support! I hope to implement a fair way to give out my discord/snapchat to those that don't have money, but maybe have time and love to give. For now, this is my close-knit community that I love, trust, and cherish. Though I still love many people from my Twitch and YouTube community that aren't specifically a part of this one!! :) 

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. I don't want people misunderstanding the setup of this all. Just trying to protect myself, my privacy, etc. <3

ANYWAYS SO YEAH This Patreon is to thank and build an awesome community of people that want to support me in more ways than one. My videos will always be free on YouTube, though! This is just for the people who weirdly like the clumsy, nublet-y ASMRtist in me and want to support my journey in learning, growing, and becoming a better one each month. There is absolutely no obligation to donate or become a patreon-- you all support me enough with your views and kind comments. Truly. Thank you! If you have any suggestions for new ways for me to connect and give back to those that are so kindly giving to me, please don't hesitate to message me!! :)

Lovelovelove, Frivvi
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