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Creating a podcast that explores Englishness through the lens of food

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About The Full English

Who are the English? And where do we come from? By looking at food we can find out. 

Join chef and researcher Lewis Bassett along with musician Forest DLG for this documentary podcast. Guests include leading chefs, such as Margot Henderson and Andrew Wong, historians such as David Edgerton and Catherine Hall, as well as farmers, food critics, social commentators, authors, climate scientists, food manufactures and many many more...

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We'll launch a monthly series of The Full English if we reach 250 subscribers by November 2022. But we'll also be posting new content in the meantime.

Here's some of the episodes we'd love to make with your support:
  • Bread riots: Do high food prices still make us angry?
  • The greasy spoon: A brief history of the English caff
  • Pub grub: Good food done badly?
  • ‘Spoons: How Tim Martin took over our cities and towns
  • The cult of slimming: On Weight Watchers and Slimming World
  • Toast: how cereal companies took on a national dish and won (kind of)
  • Chocolate box: The Cadbury story
  • Burnt: How coal shaped our taste for bread
  • Un-natural wine: Climate change and English vineyards
  • Hunting and poaching: Class, sport and game
  • Who says when a fish is over cooked?: Mr Foucault and gaze of Michelin
  • Lent: Does Christianity still shape the way we eat?
  • An island nation: Why don't we eat more seafood?
  • The curry house: A revolution in eating out
  • The Earl Grey story: A tea-drinkers guide to democracy and empire in the 1830s
  • Hymns and hedgerows: Dorothy Hartley's England
  • Boiling point: Why do chefs work so much?
  • Landed: Does the aristocracy still determine English diets?
  • Temperance: The perils of pubs, gin, beer and booze
  • The invention of authenticity (and what it means for 'cultural appropriation')
  • Eating rubbish: Are the English opposed to pleasure? And what it means for our politics.
  • Tanked: The English and binge drinking 
  • Choice: Individual freedom and English diets
  • Mrs Whippy: Margret Thatcher and the invention of English ice cream

If we don't reach this goal by November 2022, we'll close the page and end your subscription.
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