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Gun Kings

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knowing people are willing to support me will help to stay motivated
you guys will get access to the patron-only feed which means access to my early build
you guys will also get the "gun king" role on the server a shiny role based on the popular "king's avatar" donghua subbed by bayi subs :3

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    those who want to support me in my finger binary quest will get the binary role in the server if they pledge removing the need to type "i love binary" somewhere in the server
    Includes Discord benefits

      Sword Saints

      per month
      i'll take any of your feature requests, if it doesn't fit in my current project i might make a new project just for that feature...............one per patron until the requested feature is up and running
      you guys will also get the "Sword Saint" title from "the king's avatar"
      +all previous rewards
      stacking roles cause why not :3
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        About Fuseteam

        i'm just a guy that loves to build and tinker with Software. Using the little knowledge i have of C++, i have forked the dwm window manager, let's call it fusedwm. I customized fusedwm to my own liking and perhaps to your liking as well. It is far from a desktop enviroment but there are bindings to control various aspects. i have also supplemented my fork of dmenu, called dfuse, with scripts to use it as a terminal.

        what is fusedwm and dfuse? fusedwm is a window manager, based on dwm, that runs on linux that manages how windows are displayed. it by default automatically tiles the windows instead of stacking them. With tags you can show and hide any window on your screen. due to the small code base it is fairly easy to customize how it works to one's liking. dmenu is the menu dwm and by extension fusedwm uses to interact. In fusedwm the default keyboard shortcut to access the menu is "windows key"+r. in dfuse i added a menu to switch keyboard layout, a menu to ssh into other computer, a menu to explore the directories on your system, a menu to launch applications based on .desktop files and more
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        $0 of $5 per month
        i'll be able to afford a creditcard to connect to my paypal, gotta start somewhere!
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