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About Gadfly Theatre

Put simply, we love creating boundary-defying and radical theatre work, and we've been doing it for almost a decade. We're thrilled that you're thinking of joining us here on Patreon, and to show you how much we appreciate you, you'll get a huge range of exclusive perks, from shout-outs to free season passes. 

The details: We are a queer and feminist theatre organization which produces intersectional works that include subjects, themes, and characters important to the LGBTQ+ community. Gadfly ensures that casts and crews of shows are largely LGBTQ+, and we are especially interested in producing plays that have non-white characters, transgender characters, and disabled characters. We believe in ethical representation: those characters are played only by actors who share the character’s identities and intersections. 

We do everything we can to be accessible to actors, writers, and audience members alike.  We hold all of our shows in ADA-compliant venues, pay all of our artists, and offer shows with both sliding scale and Pay-What-You-Can options. As a non-profit organization, we rely largely on donations from patrons like you to continue this vital work. As a patron, you have the exciting opportunity to join our growing community of change-makers and uplift the stories and experiences of marginalized (not to mention brilliant) innovators and makers. 

What's next for us: Gadfly will start our 9th season of producing queer and feminist work in March of 2019, kicking the season off with 60 Queer Plays in 90 Queer Minutes, a compilation of brand new hilarious and hard-hitting plays. We're currently planning several Drunk Queer History and Sober Queer History events for later this year.

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Non-Profit Status
At $100 per month, we will have enough money to apply for 501c3 status and become an official non-profit organization.  This is the first step in Gadfly becoming an independent and sustainable organization for many years to come! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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