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For a drop in the tip jar every month, you get the joy of helping me out with my projects, and access to Patreon-only bonus artwork - including at least one exclusive 1080 full HD wallpaper image per month, and private discussions here on Patreon!


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For less than the cost of some of my retail projects, you get the joy of helping me out a lotand access to Patreon-only artwork and discussions here on Patreon, and behind-the-scenes artwork, character and set designs, scene ideas, and a lot of backstory and world-building discussions.

Patrons will also get my scene-by-scene projects as they become available, and you can ask me any time for coupons for discount purchases from my website,

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Star Patron - You get everything from the $12 tier, especially the joy, and perhaps most importantly you'll get all my paid products for free as they're released! That will apply to my previous products too (I can give you a coupon for a free purchase on my site every month until you have everything) I don't know which things you already have, so just message me any time!

You'll get to see scenes in development, get access to beta and pre-release versions if I have them, and make suggestions, discuss, or vote with other Star Patrons on new content and features in upcoming projects.  Maybe we'll be able to share some ideas and inspire each other!

Furthermore, if you're one of my international fans, I'll add your language to future multi-lingual versions of my projects if you'd like.  Let me know!



About GalaxyPink

Hey you guys!  Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

I'm brand new to this, so if anything looks a little weird, bear with me. I'm still getting the hang of it!

Patreon is a service for artists, musicians, and other creative types, that lets fans of our projects show their love and support with small, regular contributions, like tips in a tip jar!  Instead of donating a single large sum to fund one project, like a Kickstarter campaign, fundraising through Patreon lets you contribute a small amount every month to help support all my future projects for as long as you want!

Great, but who is GalaxyPink?

GalaxyPink is me, Jessica!  I've been doing solo 3D animated and still image CG erotic art projects since 2007, mostly centered around my flagship series, "Sexual Fantasy Kingdom".  The SFK is a usually cheerful fantasy world where magic is as common as sex, and all elves are futanari - that's Japanese for "dual form", but it's often translated as "dickgirls", not transsexuals, just girls who also have dicks - because I think they're cute, that's why!  It's not all futanari art, but that's definitely a common recurring theme.  My projects contain a lot of variety and humor, a highly detailed world, and dozens of characters who are full of life and personality.  That's because I pour all my love and attention into everything I create!

I have a lot of other projects penciled into my future, some in new settings, and some expanding even further on the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies, and now you can help me create them!

Why are you raising money with Patreon?

I've sold my work for years in the United States and Japan, and I've had international customers from over 50 countries!  That probably makes it sound like I'm doing quite well for myself, but in reality I usually only make enough money to barely keep a roof over my head.  Considering the cost of living in the United States, my yearly income hovers around the U.S. poverty line, and I can't afford basic medical care, much less any luxuries.  That being said, I've been able to squeak by as a professional artist these past few years, I'm in decent health, and I have simple tastes, so I'm okay.

But times are changing!  Rampant software piracy of the artwork of small independent artists like me has hurt my sales.  And paid software releases, even in porn, may be a business model that's slowly losing relevance.  As much as I love my work, I admit I've been reconsidering recently, whether this line of work is still possible for me.  I think it is...

If you help make Patreon work for me, I can put more time into learning better artistic techniques and programming tricks, I can do the research I need to take my work in new directions like Android apps, and spend time breaking up my previous multi-scene volumes into individual standalone scenes so you can pick and choose exactly the content you want.  And, I can start providing more free content, where you only pay if it's what you love.

If you love my work and you want to see more in the future and show me your support, please make a donation.  Every little bit helps, and even tiny monthly donations can add up!

Why monthly?  

Now, some of you may know, Patreon allows creators to set up payments on a monthly basis, or per project.  So why did I choose the monthly model?  Simple.  I can't post finished projects on Patreon because while they allow adult artists to raise money with Patreon, pornographic content can't be hosted here, so I wouldn't be able to use all the features of that model.  Furthermore, since some of my products take months to finish, I desperately need a more regular flow of income, even if it's a small amount, to help me get through the times before a new product is released.

I'm also working on moving to a monthly or bi-monthly release schedule of small projects.  Instead of waiting months or sometimes years for a whole, enormous project full of scenes, I'll release each scene or part as a small, standalone project as soon as it's complete, and worry about bundling it up into a complete volume later.

If you don't want to make a monthly contribution and sign up for rewards, you can make a one-time donation directly on my website,

What do I get for my donation?

Aw, don't be like that.  Mostly?  You get the satisfaction of helping me continue creating the art that you and I both love!  I don't want my Patreon page to be all about creating tons of rewards for contributors, because that could easily take time away from my big projects, the ones you really want to see!

Still, I'll offer what I can to everyone who contributes here, and you're welcome to make suggestions for bonus content.  If you donate up to the amounts listed below, you can get the listed rewards, and be a part of my creative process.

You can donate a dollar a month, or as much as you want!   It's easy to sign up, and you can cancel any time.  You can keep your donation anonymous, or proudly announce your love for GalaxyPink to the world!  Payments are made through Stripe which is super secure, Patreon's fees are very low so you know most of your donation is going straight to me, and if you're super generous and super supportive, I'll give you some cool stuff!

Forget about the rewards.  Donate because you care about supporting an artist you love, and you want to see me create more!

Thank you so very much!

With love,

91% complete
Increase my creativity and productivity by helping me be less stressed about bills!  If you guys can help me take care of some of my bills, and make up for some of my software piracy losses, it takes a lot of pressure off me and I can keep being creative!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 183 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 183 exclusive posts

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