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All patrons get to read my books as I write them, weeks or months before anybody else.

While I'm writing a new book, I publish it in "episodes" every Friday. These episodes are around five chapters, or 10,000 words long. As a patron, you get to see every episode I've published and all the ones I publish in the future.

This is a great way to support my writing career, and experience Underrealm as it comes together.
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$5 Patrons: ABOVE THE LINE

Above the Line patrons get all rewards listed above.

ALSO, whenever I complete a new book, you’ll get a free ebook copy before anyone else. This is a subscription to my writing career—you get to read EVERYTHING.

ALSO, you'll get the most in-depth look at my writing possible. Every day after I write, I'll post what I've done that day here on my Patreon. You'll get to see my books come together, from "Once upon a time" to "The End."
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Sponsors get all the rewards listed above.

In addition, you will get every film I ever produce—for free. Everyone else has to pay for them, but not you. (These will usually be delivered via Amazon Video).
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About Garrett Robinson

Hello there, Rebel and maybe-Patron.


I do a LOT of stuff.

First and foremost, I'm an indie author, with my biggest books being the works of Underrealm. Underrealm is a massive fantasy world with five interconnected book series so far, created by a variety of authors from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

I also have three YouTube channels:

1. My main channel, where I post a vlog every Friday

2. VlogaNovel, where I livestream the writing process for my books

3. The Nightblade Epic Podcast, a weekly audiobook presentation

Writing a book is often a lonely process, and always a time-consuming one. I will work for months before I ever hear from my audience whether the work was worth it.

YouTube gives an immediacy to my creation, letting me interact directly with my fans in a way that just isn't possible with books, or even most social media.

By becoming a patron, you support both my writing AND my YouTube channels.


Your support lets me keep creating the inclusive fantasy world that tens of thousands of international readers love. 

It is HARD to be an independent author and publisher. Book sales go up, book sales go down. It can be impossible to figure out why marketing efforts succeed or fail.

The more support I get on Patreon, the more I and the other Underrealm authors have our attention freed up to keep creating the books you love.

And the more I'm able to keep talking about books, diversity, and fantasy on YouTube.

It sounds extreme to say that your support on Patreon helps make the whole book industry better. But it's true.


Rewards are something I struggled with for quite a while, and to this day I welcome suggestions on how to make them better. But here's what I have to offer.

$1 — UNDERREALM EPISODES: You get to read my next book before anyone else.

I produce the Underrealm books in a serialized format. When I'm writing a book, I break it into eight "episodes" of around five chapters each (around 10,000 words). I publish those episodes every Friday, EXCLUSIVELY to my patrons.

These are early drafts, but they're very clean. So if you want to know what happens next in Underrealm before anyone else, this is the best way to do it.

Episodes go to ALL levels of support, even just a buck a month. 

$5 — MY BOOKS, PLUS MY WRITING ADVICE: If you pledge five bucks a month, I consider it a subscription to Underrealm. It helps me tremendously, and so you get the final ebook version of every Underrealm book I ever publish—weeks before I make them available for sale online.

You're also allowed to ask me any writing advice questions you want. I'll answer them here on Patreon for the most part. If I think it's a broad enough category, I'll make it into a YouTube video and credit you for raising the subject. 

$10 - FILMS: For those who pledge ten dollars, you'll get everything listed above, and you'll also receive for free any films I produce. I don't get to make films very often, but when I do, you'll receive a free copy (this is usually delivered via Amazon Video).

$20 - STUDIO EXECUTIVE HANGOUTS: I didn't want to do a higher-level reward tier at first. But people pledged high amounts anyway, and I felt bad not giving them anything extra for it.

So, for those who make a higher contribution each month, I offer insider access. I have a monthly hangout where I discuss what I did in the last month, what my plans are for the next month, and what's been going on in my life.

These people also get my films, and the other reward tiers, like my books.

And finally, these people can reach out to me any time. If they want to email, chat, or have a personal conversation, they can consider me on call. It's the least I can do to repay their generosity.


That's all I have to say.

If you choose to be a patron, you're one of the reasons I can keep writing and also making YouTube content for everyone. And I'm one step closer to the dream—making videos consistently, able to spend more time with my family, and the rest of my hours writing my next book.

Which is pretty awesome.

Thanks so much for visiting. Byyye.
75 of 100 patrons
If I reach 100 patrons, I'm going to commission new art of an Underrealm character chosen by YOU!

I'll pick three characters from each series and run a poll of all of them. I'll commission art of the winner from one of the awesome Underrealm artists we've worked with in the past!
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