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About Geek Cast Live

We here at Geek Cast Live (or GCL) believe that everyone should find something that they are undeniably passionate about. Every person has something they "geek" on whether it be games, comics or books, or even fantasy football. Geek Cast Live is a podcast built on that belief. Through our podcast, website, twitter, and upcoming projects we want to be your one stop shop for all things you could geek on. With your contribution we can: buy new equipment to improve the quality of our recordings, expand and redesign our website to increase viewership, branch out towards traveling to conventions, releases for new products, and be the first to bring you reviews on games, movies, sports, and more!

Q: The most important question... What is your money going to?
A: Geek Cast Live is looking to expand! Firstly, your money is going to be put towards new equipment for us. This includes but isn't limited to : studio quality microphones, headphones, recording and mixing equipment. Secondly, GCL is also looking to start a YouTube channel for regular table talks, not to mention live streaming for games, cons, and events. In addition to hardware for better quality shows, we are also wanting to bring you more material! Finally, we're planning on going to more cons, attending more events, reading more comics and books, playing more games (video and tabletop), and, with any luck, eventually build a fully functioning, miniature Death Star.

Q: Why suddenly Patreon?
A: GCL started off as three guy who just wanted to share their geekiness with the world. Honestly, we weren't sure if anyone would even listen. Turns out we were wrong. We have a wonderful and supportive fanbase that pointed us in this direction so that would could continue to do what we love and share it with you! We hope to be able to make GCL a bigger, better experience for you and we want you to be a part of it! As a young lady who wore a bikini for a slug from space once said "Help me *Insert Your Name Here*, you're my only hope."

Q: How does Patreon work? What am I pledging?
A: The GCL Patreon works like this: At the end of each month you'll be donating your hard earned money so that we can bring you a better and more diverse product. We give you four episodes per month plus whatever bonus content you earn, your card gets dinged at the end of the month automagically. Still not sure how it works? Here's Patreon's FAQ page. We'll be here when you're finished.

Q: If I don't support Geek Cast Live on Patreon, will the show...die?
A: No, we will simply return to the Force from once we came. The show and archives will always be free to listen to, and will continue to be produced once a week. We truly love this show and would love just as much to produce more for you! We are but humble geeks, looking to bring you more. 

Q: Is the host, Geek Cast Ry, actually a sorcerer?
A: This is purely speculation, though we have seen him try to search the Interwebz for dirty pictures of the Nazgul before, so who knows.
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