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I. { a seeker with stars in their eyes }
  • General support

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II. { pierced the garden; accepted }

  • 1 day or 1 week (depending on launch window) early access to new releases.
  • A quiet space amongst the Garden; unquestioned; accepted.
  • Voidjumper's deep & earnest gratitude.
  • Early access to content

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III. { taught the ways }
  • Merely a higher payment option.
  • 1 day or 1 week (depending on launch window) early access to new releases.
  • Tutalage in the ways of the Botanists; you may not yet plant but they observe your supporting work.
  • Voidjumper's sincere thanks.
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About Glass & Weeds

The Imaginarium of Glass & Weeds is a shattered cluster of greenhouses in a garden beyond space. It is fractal and fragmented; it is many things. One of these things is a publishing space for stories, games, art, and interactive media that adheres to certain principles. 

→ Wiki: The Glass & Weeds website forms both a curling, personal wiki & a catalogue of many released and on-going projects.
→ Catalogue: The storefront provides a list of all non-legacy, published projects & a method of directly purchasing them if one so pleases.
→ Podcast: The Imaginarium's Elder Botanist, Voidjumper, runs a podcast available through SoundcloudSpotify, or RSS.
→ Videos: The Glass & Weeds YouTube page provides footage of legacy projects for posterity purposes, trailers and overviews, as well as film work.

@voidjumper on Mastodon.
@glassandweeds on Twitter.
@Others, Elsewhere.

This Patreon is not a place where you will be guaranteed monthly posts or knick-knacks. That is not the philosophy behind the Imaginarium. Projects will be released if they are meaningful and when they are ready. Patreon support merely provides a way for those who already really want to support the Imaginarium to continue to do so. It is only meant for those who both willing and able.

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