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The Champagne Room

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We're in the Champagne Room muthaf*ckas!! Everyone subscribing at the $5 tier and up will have access to Patreon exclusive bonus content all delivered via your own personal RSS feed. You'll get our Raiders of the Lost Continent and Legacy of the Ancients podcasts with Skid GM-ing the Pathfinder Ruins of Azlant and Rise of the Runelords Adventure Paths. You'll get the hilarious, yet horrifying Get in the Trunk, our Delta Green podcast. Plus, you'll get all of the audio to our Glass Cannon Live! shows, our Blood & Glass Blades in the Dark crossover with Stream of Blood, and hours of convention shows, deleted scenes and tons of other random content we've recorded over the years.

You also get access to our Patreon only Discord channel to hang out with other card carrying members of the Naish and talk all things nerd.

We should charge $500 per month for this, but we can't help but give!
Includes Discord benefits

Oops! I Crit My Pants!

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My has this tier grown over the years.

At $10 per month, you now get access to Glass Cannon Premium Audio Content, which includes the audio versions of our Cannon Fodder streams and New Game, Who Dis?, where special guests join the crew as we try new tabletop RPGs, including Cyberpunk Red, Alien, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Twilight 2000 and more!

Starting in February 2022, $10 subscribers and up will also get ad free versions of all podcasts that hit the Glass Cannon Network Presents RSS feed (formerly Androids & Aliens.)
You ALSO get to create and submit your own Pathfinder critical hit and fumble, which we will then adapt for the shows and add to an ongoing list of crits and fumbles that we will use on air or on stage during Glass Cannon Live! Any time yours gets picked while we are recording, you'll get a shout out too!

Also Included:
The Champagne Room
Includes Discord benefits


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In addition to all of the tasty rewards that our $5 and $10 subscribers get, you will be enrolled in the Glass Cannon Bottlecap Club where we will send you customized official Glass Cannon Bottlecaps three times a year! So basically if you subscribe at this tier...BOTTLECAP!

Also Included:
The Champagne Room
Oops I Crit My Pants!
Includes Discord benefits



About The Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon aims to provide high quality, entertaining, and professional content that is engaging and accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike. Maybe you played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, maybe video games or board games are your weapon of choice, or maybe you just love getting lost in a great story. Through the use of role playing games and collaborative storytelling techniques, the Glass Cannon hopes to not only entertain but inspire people to play more games and get back into those nerdy creative hobbies they gave up long ago when life got in the way. With your subscriptions, the Glass Cannon brand can expand to include not only one podcast, but one for every day of the week; not only audio, but video content too! We have a lot of exciting plans for the future. Subscribe today and you will be glad you did!
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Animated Pilot
We will produce a short animated pilot to shop around to potential buyers in the hopes of creating a full animated series.
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