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About Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew is a long standing table-top gaming blog that has been around since 2008. We're dedicated to providing the best tabletop role-playing gaming articles available in the industry. Gnome Stew is comprised of 12 Gnomes writing and editing articles, each of whom has different backgrounds and perspectives on gaming.  We post around 3 articles a week and 12 articles a month. Our articles are in-depth and meaty. They provide unique perspectives from multiple authors and cover all aspects of tabletop RPGs. We've won many awards over the years and we plan to keep going for a long while, but to do that and make sure our incredible authors get paid we need your help.

Why Patreon?
We make a little bit of money from advertising, usually enough to cover the hosting for the site. But we want to do more and make sure our incredible team of authors is getting compensation. Every bit of the funds generated from Patreon go to the authors and to a Cool Stuff fund (an itty bit) that we use to generate new and interesting content for our audience. Patreon is also a great way to have another connection with our vibrant community of readers. It gives us another channel to talk with readers and get input. As the Patreon grows, we'll be asking for feedback and input on rewards people would like and ways we can do things better.

So, if you've ever read a Gnome Stew article and found something we've done useful, join our Patreon and help us do even cooler things.

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At this level, we're providing some decent compensation to the authors every month.  We'll be reaching out to supporters for comments and thoughts and can provide a little compensation to our guest authors as well.
  • All money made so far gets split by the authors.
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