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About Gordons Reloading

What Is The Project?

It all started with my Youtube channel, on which I want to share some information about my reloading routine, my experiences, technical backgrounds and aspects. All this without commercial dependence on manufacturers or advertising. Due to a lot of research for reloading and also to various contributions on my youtube channel, I decided out of pure interest to get involved with the topic of interior ballistic simulation calculation and to develop my own software after studying the corresponding literature. My experiences in technology, craft, thermodynamics, physics and also software development from my professional career were helpful.

My private goal from the beginning was to realize the GRT as a free project supported by a community, because my own experiences have shown that an interior ballistic simulation software for reloaders is an important, complementary tool. When used correctly, it can increase safety for the reloader and reduce the danger of "blowing yourself up" and/or others. Therefore I am of the opinion that such a tool should not stand behind a paywall.

Meanwhile we have thousands of users on our community page at https://www.grtools.de and many helpers who support me in collecting data, create a community page, contacting companies or sending in measurement data. Without these helpers, the project would not be what it is today. The project has thus grown pleasingly. But the evaluation, the analysis, modeling, the continued updating especially of the powder data as well as the complete software development of the GRT is done by myself and takes a lot of time.

Of course you need money for that. From basic things like paying for range time, to buying reloading components to the much higher cost of building and maintaining our measurement / test-gun equipment and countless measurements at institutes for the powder-model development. So far I have financed this project myself. However, the project differs from the vast majority in that it is a niche product for a limited circle of experts and I do not want to become commercially dependent on companies. I am open for cooperation with companies, but the required independence really limits the possibility to find sponsors.

So, what is the best way to finance a project like the ongoing development of a free interior ballistics software with up-to-date powder models in today's world? Commercial marketing or advertising has long been the standard answer. However, the worlwide web is changing things. The number of potential users for a free, independent software like the GRT is much larger and offers the prospect of sustainable micropayments. Like many other creators, I think that a tiny amount of support from a large number of people is a much better system.

If you like what is created with the GRT, you can contribute one buck a month this way to make sure it stays that way. If you want to contribute more, it's wonderful - but one buck a month is all I ask for. If there are enough people who find value in this work, it will be enough to keep it alive and up-to-date.

Gordon :-)

76% complete
The goal is to fund the ongoing development of the GRT software. This amount will also cover the costs to create new powder models and to regularly measure the powder models to keep them up to date.
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