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About GuitarToday

Hi and welcome to my patreon page! (IMPORTANT: please read below for FAQ before joining)

Have you ever give up on learning from guitar tabs that you found online because it's too hard for your playing level now? My goal is to create beginner/intermediate fingerstyle arrangements that is easy and fun for people to learn while they grow as a guitarist. I try to balance between a playable level and nice sounding arrangement. I always believe in learning simple songs and play them beautifully, compared to learning a complex arrangement that you can't finish!


1) What do i get for supporting?
For $3/month you get access to everything i have to offer!
- Access To All PDF Tabs Download 
- 8~10 New Songs/Contents Monthly
- Interactive Music Notation Player Tutorial (Soundslice)
- Basic Music Theory For Guitarist (E-Book)
- Beginner Fingerstyle Course
- Arrangement Course (Ongoing)

2) How does the billing cycle works?
You pay upfront to start your membership and unlock access, after that you'll be billed on the 1st of next month (USA pacific time) regardless of your join date. read here

3) Isn't it a ripped off since i might not get full 30 days for the first month?
It depends on how you look at it, the idea of patreon is about supporting the creator and getting rewards. To put it in another perspective, if you purchase a tab from elsewhere, it will probably cost a few bucks per tab. If you support me for just $3, you get to download unlimited tabs along with other perks as reward. IMHO it's well worth the price even if you do not get 30 days for the first month. If this bothers you, please wait till the beginning of the month to sign up. If you don't mind and want to support, you are truly a legend and i really appreciate your support!

4) Why should i support you then?
Arranging songs and editing video takes alot of time and effort. All the software and website cost me some monies every month as well. If you enjoy my content and want to support me and my passion, I would be very very grateful!

5) Can i get refund?
Unfortunately, no refund will be given as i have already stated the terms here. I understand that the billing cycle can be frustrating but patreon clearly states that you will be charge again on the 1st of next month when you sign up. No refund will be given if you think the standard of the tabs are not up to your expectation as you should have seen the videos before signing up and it's deem that you like what you see thats why you sign up.

6) What if i just want a single tab?
You can just sign up and cancel your membership afterwards, please remember to cancel before the 1st of next month to prevent charges again. After cancelling you will still have access till the end of the month.

7) Why are some of your arrangement shorter than the original song?
Firstly, pop songs can be quite repetitive and i don't think there's a need for 10 pages of sheet for a simple arrangement. I feel that most student likes to play the most recognizable parts of a song only. Secondly, i might omit difficult parts as i want my arrangement to be playable for students. Lastly, i feel that music can be interpreted differently by anyone and we don't have to follow exactly as the original, feel free to change my arrangement to fit your style :) 

8) Why don't you use a capo?
I don't like to use a capo as it's easier for me to visualize the fretboard. My arrangements are meant to be easier and playing without capo are great for people who's learning as they can learn to visualize the notes and position more. 

9) Can i request songs?
Transcription service is not really part of the rewards (as i don't charge extra). You can send me a request but no promise on when or whether it will be done.

10) I really love your work and like to support more, how can i do it?
That's really kind and i really appreciate it. I would be happy if you just continue the membership for the long term. However, if you insist, you can make a one-off custom pledge and then "downgrade" back to the normal tier. Please remember to downgrade, if not you won't be able to access the contents as i've disable access for "custom pledge" if not those that pledge any amount (eg. $1) will be able to access the contents as well.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 425 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 425 exclusive posts

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