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About Kevin Gootee

Just what the hell is Gutting the Sacred Cow
Standup Comedians Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel love films and they love arguing about them. But in this unique podcast; they invite their guests to and argue why some of the most beloved, financially successful, or acclaimed films are trash. Kevin and Kevin preside over these cases and see if their friends have made them change their minds. Check out this podcast dedicated to giving the most hilarious, witty, and funniest movie reviews you'll ever hear.

Why should I support you silly geese?
We're just trying to get our expenses back and then some. We're mainly looking to reinvest your contributions to boost Facebook posts to get MORE followers.  And food and booze isn't paid for by our charisma and boyish charm so ANYTHING you can offer, we thank you.  But we offer a great podcast for FREE, we're just asking for a few bucks for marketing and expenses. We're just 2 guys trying to break free of corporate America that took an established concept and chiseled it to a hell of a sculpture.  We also have a fantastic blog that we have NEW articles for you M-F at

How does Patreon work?
You ask people online to buy candy for "your high school basketball" team.  Even though you're 25.  And not on a basketball team.  You donate what you want and when you can.  It beats us standing in a subway with a change cup and swearing we're not on drugs.  Again, we're just looking to reinvest in the podcast you all love as much as we do.

Can I see the show without supporting?
Of course! The show is FREE everywhere you look: Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, all podcast platforms you can think of. Ever do those tours in Europe where they don't charge you but after some quality information, you feel obliged to put something in the bucket? We're kind of hoping you do the same. All of our videos will remain on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 
We've only been doing the show for 1.5 years and we've done nothing but grow. We're also getting some cool guests in the new year so stay tuned!

What can I buy?
Right now, our merch shop is open for your patronage:  Grab a hat, shirt, mug, hoodie, whatever.  And we just may do some bonus episodes in the future.  

Where do I donate:
Paypal is [email protected], Venmo is @Kevin-Gootee.  And we can't thank you enough for doing so.

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Social Media: @GTSCpodcast on twitter, @Gutting the Sacred Cow on FB, tik Tok, Tumblr, and IG

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Just trying to recoup money spent for expenses:  Editing, Audio/Video, web hosting, advertising, etc.  We're also trying to raise more advertising dollars to get the word out.  
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