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About hanayeol

This is hanayeol's endgame lab & dictionary, as well as go training gym.

I am an amateur go player, go researcher, go streamer and go book author. In general, my level is to maintain 6dan well on the internet and officially KBA 4dan, KBF go instructor.

Due to the development of AI, many things in go are changing, but there are three areas that will never be changed. Those are life and death (tsumego), capturing races (semeai), and endgame (yose.)

I will produce content in basic and intuitive handwriting on these three areas, but mainly deal with endgame in depth. The reason is because we didn't have any good content in the world that really dealt with endgame in depth, so I thought I had no choice but to do it. I know that people are not interested in this. I also want to deal with something popular. But it's necessary and as far as I know, nobody is doing it.

Its going to be a huge volume, so it's going to take a lot of time, but in the end, there's a clear goal to use the tags as an endgame dictionary to make it an easy-to-read place.

I've designed this dictionary system so that you can follow from the basics no matter where you start to read it.

Some may prefer to open lessons to the stream, but in my case, I don't disclose all lessons because I think athletes should be relaxed when they play.

- Elaborating in detail about Training like athlete tier
  • A managment program that helps patron reach his goals and improve his skills.
  • Record and share review of selected game once a month
  • Play directly with hanayeol once a month and discuss the playing using cam call
  • Hanayeol monitors patron's game records from time to time and extracts parts to supplement and provides training materials.
  • Hanayeol's limited time, only four seats were reserved. (added 1 seat.)
  • Hanayeol is responsible and managed.
  • There are tons of people who claim to be teachers or instructors themselves, but hanayeol is an authorized go instructor and x elementary schools go instructor.
  • Opportunities like this aren't really common.
  • There is no such opportunity anywhere in the world.
  • The go instructor authorized by KBA and KBF manages the patron separately.
  • one of athlete reached from 18k to 9k in fox within 3 months.

I'll keep doing this work as long as time permits, but no one knows what will happen in a person's future. Opportunities don't always wait. You may have found this place too late. It is a pity for go friends who are still in place even after being offered dozens or hundreds of western-style teaching games.

email : [email protected]
Team Tenuki discord : here
All rights reserved.
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VELAD(Very Essential Life And Death) III recording
VES(Very Essential Semeai) III recording
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 189 exclusive posts

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