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With your pledge of only $1.99 per month you will get an EXCLUSIVE coloring page created just for members on digital download to print and color at home (these are digital downloads only)! These pages are hand drawn by me exclusively for members, and will never appear in a book or be available to anyone but paid supporters!

There are 2 DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the page--one "original" more detailed design, and one "simplified" version of the page, so you can color to suit your mood/skill level, or color along with your child. You get BOTH automatically messaged to you on the 3rd of each month!

You also get ACCESS to the PRIVATE VIP Facebook group "Hannah Lynn VIP Lounge" where members get first looks at works in progress, early access to announcements and news, and FIRST DIBS on any new exclusive items I might have coming up (like limited edition magazine features for example)! It's a really fun community between Hannah fans, and I am in that group pretty regularly posting and connecting with all of you.

Please note that the exclusive coloring pages are only available for paid members in the month in which they are created and then they are gone forever! If you happen to lose your file, or didn't get a chance to download it during a month you were paid you can contact me and I will gladly get it to you :).

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As a Silver VIP Member, you will get ALL that is included in the Bronze VIP tier (exclusive 2-page download set, access to the PRIVATE VIP Facebook Group), PLUS:

An additional 4-page PDF download set featuring the monthly Whimsy Girl as a:

-PDF "Digi" Stamp (background completely removed for use in card making, crafting etc.) 

-PDF color-your-own bookmark & a color-your-own art trading card measuring 2.5"x3.5"

-PDF color-your-own lined journal page

-PDF color-your-own calendar page for the current month (left unnumbered so you can use in future years). Great to use at your desk, or even as a chore chart for children.

10% Discount on HannahLynn.com (and my Etsy shop) good towards ANY purchase (digital products, prints, limited editions, etc.)

NEW BONUS MID-MONTH PAGE!! Starting October 2019 there will be an all new, exclusive bonus coloring page available for download on the 15th of each month! 



About Hannah Lynn

September pages available now! "Wonderland Harvest" is exclusive to Patreon supporters $1.99 and up for September 2021 only!  


Welcome to my page, I'm really glad you're here! I've been an artist professionally since 2006 and am very blessed to have many fans that have followed me since the very beginning, collecting original art, prints, and products. Many of you may have just discovered my work recently, through my coloring books and pages, which is what I am most recognized for.

The way I connect with fans through my art over the years has morphed into this unexpected and amazing fan-artist collaboration through the adult coloring world. I draw the pictures, and you put your artistic flare into it by bringing it to life with color. You no longer have to be an "artist" to take advantage of the benefits art can provide you. I can't tell you how exciting it is to get to share this experience with all of you, because art has literally SAVED me in my life by allowing me to escape to an imaginary, colorful, world of dreams where everything is possible. When I create, whether drawing, painting, or coloring, it feels like I have been swept away to another dimension, and time just floats away. Fans all over the world of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels are finding great joy, peace, fun, relaxation--and an uplifting community--through what I have always treasured deep in my soul--ART. Art gives. Art connects. Art lives. Art breathes. Art heals. Art is expression. Art is emotion. Art is MAGIC...and it's just what the world needs now :). It's no wonder to me it's become such a popular hobby! I've been providing coloring pages for adults to color for long before the "coloring craze" hit--since around 2008, which is over 10 years now. I've sold over 200,000 copies of my coloring books and countless more digital pages in just the last few years. Coloring pages are my jam!

Join me in bringing new, fresh Hannah Lynn Whimsy Girl coloring pages every month to the coloring community by collaborating with me and connecting with other fans in this fascinating world where artists and colorists collide! 

The pages created for this group are created from start to finish with all of you in mind, by hand. They are only available during the current month, are not available as "back pages" for any price, and will never be in a publication or be licensed onto products. They are truly exclusive and just for you as a supporter during the current month! Once you have the PDF file you can print them off as many times as you like and enjoy them for years to come, but by signing up you agree that will not share them with others (sharing colored pages is allowed on social media or as a gift to someone, but sharing uncolored pages with others is against copyright--I retain all copyrights as the artist for these artworks).

CHARGE UP FRONT so you don't miss out--This is a "charge up front" account. Because the rewards are exclusive to each month with no ability to get back issued rewards, you will be charged (and rewarded) on the day you sign up (even if it's the last day of the month)--and then recurring charges will be scheduled on the first of each month. So, if you sign up on the 28th for example, you will be charged (with that month's rewards sent to you) that day, and then the next charge will occur just a few days later on the first of the following month, and then on the first every month thereafter. This ensures everyone is on the same payment schedule and that each month's rewards are accounted for and delivered properly.

I am eternally grateful for the support everyone has given me along the way--I wouldn't be where I am today without all of you! Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Website where you can find PDF coloring books, autographed copies, prints, and more: HannahLynn.com

Find my complete selection of paperback coloring books on my Amazon.com Author Page.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

All images produced are Copyright Hannah Lynn 2019-forward. All rights reserved. 

*******PLEASE NOTE: These files are protected by copyright and are not to be shared or redistributed. Pictures printed and used for personal use in the same household is allowed (with kids or family members in same household). You may share pictures of your colored pages on social media.********

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Once we reach $3,000 in monthly pledges I'll add an EXTRA MID-MONTH EXCLUSIVE COLORING PAGE download each month to the Silver & Higher tiers! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 138 exclusive posts

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