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About Helicopter Ears

We are Michael and Oksana from Helicopter Ears, where with many wonderful supporters we’ve been rescuing special-needs rabbits since 2011. You’ve fundraised incredible amounts, and together, we’ve made miracles for rabbits who had no hope.

But it’s not enough. This never will be enough.

If we saved every rabbit today, we’d be back to where we started before the shops close tomorrow. We are fighting a losing battle. We must confront the cause of the problem. And we need your support on Patreon to do it.

So why Patreon when we have Facebook? Good question. Imagine a zoo. Free entry, cute animals, free bunny cuddles, free pet advice … Free pets? Well, not quite. While everyone is welcome, some drop a banknote into a tin, some a thank-you note, but most don’t take note of the tin. It’s a noisy, busy place, and those special few we should be talking to because they care enough to help us run it and want to help more, they can’t get a word in, and we can’t thank them, because we can’t tell them apart from the rest.

On Facebook, we can’t say a lot. In fact, there is more we can’t say there than we can. And we want to tell so much more than we do in our carefully edited posts because we need to hear what you have to say.

On Facebook, we are losing touch with you.

Patreon is a community for our active supporters only. You can meet each other, we can get to know you, and you, us. Talk to us directly, go behind-the-scenes, get previews of our upcoming books, be part of the cause you care about.

Join us! Let’s stand up to bad shop and bad breeders. Let’s make it a better world for all the bunnies, not just those at Helicopter Ears. Let’s tell everyone, together, just how important rabbits are!

Please see our website for answers for all your Patreon question and why your support here is so important to us.
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