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Seeker of Joy

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I know this level is called 'Seeker of Joy' but I that's just to sound cool, more accurately this level would be called 'thank you so much for helping me out! you rock' but that seemed a little long so I decided to make it sound all epic and stuff... 
  • Rid yourself of that extra $1 you have!
  • Help me buy Tea Bags to keep me focused in those hard moments when I have to do serious video 'Research' (usually me playing games and listening to Spotify) 
  • Honestly, appreciated use of that $1, you have my thanks. 

All awesome people at $1 or more get early access to occasional videos

DISCORD: My discord server is public but the Patrons get be have BLUE usernames in the server and get listed separately to everyone else, to feel special! (I don't Paygate content so I can't really offer much more than this, sorry) 

Here the room invite: https://discord.gg/37GYAhj

You can change the amount at if you want to. I'm genuinely happy that you even took the time to read this :) 

Includes Discord benefits

The Inner Monkey

per month
Do you have a Monkey living in your soul? do you want that monkey to dance? so do I... your money makes my Inner Monkey Dance! 
  • There is no real reward, lets be honest here, this only exists because I have a 'level' thing going on like a video game. 
  • This bullet points exists to convince people that there are more rewards at this tier. There are no rewards really... I don't want to make my videos exclusionary. 
Includes Discord benefits

Fly Monkey Fly!

per month
Why do I keep going on about Monkeys? - this is getting strange, lets just go with it. 
  • It's super nice of you to even think about supporting me at this tier. 
  • Yeah, two bullet points, so you know its legitimate! 
  • you think 3 bullet points are enough for $5? I think we can push it to 4!
  • If I ever have a pet penguin, I will name it after someone at this tier.. :| 
Includes Discord benefits




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About HexDSL

Who IS HexDSL? 
I'm a dude who makes videos about Linux Gaming, often (like many times a week.) I have been doing this for ages now. Every video I either look at a new game, first launch something live on camera or just have an opinion. Sometimes I try to show you something that I think is cool (and related to Linux.) I'm not a Linux expert or a developer but I have played a lot of games, like a silly amount! I have a pretty good eye for a fun game and would like to think that I have a interesting things to say.

Are your videos any good?
I don't know... I think they are. I try really hard to be natural on camera, I am honest about my thoughts and don't edit my thoughts into an idealised version of myself like some of those larger YouTubers do. I'm like a real person and I say stuff that I think, or at least I try to. 

Every video I have was made on Linux entirely. I do not use Mac's or Windows to edit. I record, edit, upload everything from Linux. That includes any channel artwork too. It's all done on Linux. I am a real Linux user. 

Your Reward Tiers suck!
I know, I'm sorry. I actually worked really hard on what to write on those places, but I'm not a great believer in 'Pay Gates' and 'Exclusives' annoy me as a gamer. Actually, commercialism annoys me too. I make my content for as many people as possible so putting it behind a pay wall seems like the opposite of what Linux is about.

Why should I give you money?
There are probably (definitely) more deserving people on the internet. If you feel so inclined then you SHOULD give them your money instead. However, if there is a little left, and you want to give it to me then I will use it to make my channel and content better. I would like to think that I can show people some awesome games and share some of my inner monologue. 

Thanks for reading this. 
$145.59 of $500 per month
This tier is my financial trigger point to begin converting a spare room in my house into a dedicated content creation office. I can start saving the money for everything I need as well as start shopping around for odd set piece item to make it all sexy! :) 
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