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About Hex Grid Heroes Podcast Network

November 27, 2021 Update: Due to a restructuring brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pokemon Seicho, Ashes & Allomancy, and Fountain of Fear will not be returning. Adjustments to the Patreon goals and benefits will be forthcoming. We completely understand if this changes the desire/ability to support us going forward. But we do have a LOT to offer!


Welcome! For three years we at the Hex Grid Heroes Podcast have been putting out some really fun podcasts, made some FANTASTIC friends along the way, and while we are all still struggling to make it in this pandemic we have gotten to a point where we feel like dipping our toes back into the Patreon pool for a bit.

Currently in full production:

*Hex Grid Heroes- a sci-fantasy ttrpg homebrew actual play using the Starfinder rules system and setting. Explore the Pact Worlds and beyond with us. Aliens, magic, laser weapons, starship combat...we got a lot!

*Horizons Unknown- Starfinder Actual Play Twitch Stream playing the 'Horizons of the Vast' Adventure Path every other Thursday 6-8pm EST. VOD will be up and available on YouTube for later viewing. Follow along as 4 members of an exploration team explore an uninhabited alien world, build up a settlement, and uncover the mysterious found within!
Twitch Channel

These are a passion project so ALL of the money put into this will be put right back into it. Once we hit the number needed to make hosting these shows self-sustaining, the remainder will go towards our lovely cast members.

Tier One - $2
-Access to Patron-only Discord Channel
-Shout-outs on the podcast
-Monthly NPC submission to Hex Grid Heroes, unlimited (within reason)

Tier Two - $5
-Monthly personalized message from PC/NPC of your choice
-All rewards from previous tier

Tier Three - $10
-Monthly one-shot opportunity. System may fluctuate
-Six Sided Sidekick status: monthly duel with available member of HGH Network
-All rewards from previous tiers

Bonus Content, explained
-Each month a cast member of your choice will record a personalized message as one of their characters or NPCs.

-In the Starfinder setting we play in a literal galactic setting, so the occasional assistance in populating that would be very helpful for me, and fun to have a creation of our fans included in episodes. So I will be accepting monthly NPC submissions to include in Hex Grid Heroes.
Name, species, and as little or as much detail as you feel like providing, I can use somewhere. Cannot promise 100% voice impressions though I will do my best. Each month you can submit a new NPC, though it may be in the following month that they appear.

-On Discord, on top of the ubiquitous Patron-only channels you see elsewhere, I have plans to implement a way for you to enter one of our games, in some small capacity. What that will be will become more clear as I develop it, but think of it as a fighting simulation set in the settings of one of our ttrpg shows, where you will face off against monsters/characters that I'm able to perform. Wanna have a gladiator fight with an alien race on a deserted moon? Race in a starship along the rings of some Saturn-like planet? I'll work with you on creating an easy to use/play character and we can duke it out. Specifics may change as needed. This will not be recorded and will be done on voice or text on Discord on a one-on-one basis for now, at an agreeable time for all.

Goal 1: Self-Sustained. Hosting costs covered by Pledges. 

Goal 2: Pay the talent. Money will be divvied out fairly and honestly. 

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